Cadrage is an Amazing Directors Viewfinder App

Cadrage is a new viewfinder app for iPhone/iPad and Android phones that enables you to preview shots more conveniently and very accurately with all the indie cameras we like. Cadrage comes from the startup company distant blue. You might have been using a director’s viewfinder app to plan your shots before. I’ve had several on my phone since they came out, because they are very useful when it comes to location scouting, choosing lenses and previewing a scene quickly. Basically they use your iPhone camera and digital zoom to accurately preview a certain lens/sensor combination and help you find the right focal length to get your shot. The nice thing about the Cadrage app is that all the cameras we know and love are included and the design / ergonomics finally fulfill a certain standard. Additionally there’s a function to effectively calibrate your phones camera to deliver perfect results. It sells for $11.


A Useful Tool for Depth of Field and Angle of View Measuring

I’ve been using this sweet app for a while called Lens Lab. It’s a super useful tool for understanding the relationship between your image sensor size, your lens focal length, the aperture your lens is at, and how these things effect depth of field and angle of view. Get it on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device, or on a Windows PC if you’ve got an Android emulator.

It’s fun to play around with this on your computer to really help you visualize the relationship between all of these variables. It’s so customizable you can really see what changing one variable will impact and start to understand why lens choice is so important.

On your mobile device i love it for on-set work. I won’t set up a shot with out consulting the app to see what my area of apparent focus is going to be. If i’m shooting a person speaking and i know i need about 18 inches of sharp focus in case the person moves their head around this app will tell me how far away from the subject i should be, what aperture to use, or what lens to use. We’ve all seen the interviews where someone had an 85mm lens at f/1.8 and the subject moved their head two inches and wen totally out of focus. Use this app to prevent it. One thing to note the app is geared at still shooters so it doesn’t mention Super35mm sensor size, you’ll want to use the APS-C size sensor instead. There is less then a 10% difference between the two so it will get very close. Click here to lean more. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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