Alex Buono’s Art of Visual Story Telling Returns to the Northwest

The Portland-area native Alex Buono is bringing his Visual Storytelling 2 Tour back. It will expand your filmmaking abilities by immersing you in an all-day learning experience about the principles of Visual Style and Subtext. From his fast-turn around schedule as the DP of the SNL Film Unit to his role as the Co-Director/DP of the new IFC comedy series Documentary Now!, Alex is constantly challenged to recreate different looks. In this workshop, Alex will share his approach to shooting distinct visual styles with hands-on demonstrations that utilize attendees as the crew. By understanding the visual patterns for different film genres and how to manifest each style through both lighting and camerawork, you will harness the power of visual cues for your own projects.

The AVS2 tour is coming through Seattle on August 1st and through Portland on August 4th. For full ticket and registration information visit the website now. We had the pleasure of sponsoring Alex’s tour 2 summers ago in both Seattle and Portland. It was an amazing all day experience that we were lucky to be a part of once. Our excitement is through the roof to be a part of it again. Along with key sponsor Canon, Professional Video is the primary local sponsor for both of the Northwest stops, in Seattle and Portland. Visit the site to learn more details and to see the full list of pricing options and reserve your seat take a look at the registration page now. Use our EXCLUSIVE promo code AVS2LD to save money.

Alex Buono

Sony PXW-FS7 Launch Party & Workshop

I’m extremely excited for the new Sony PXW-FS7 CineAlta camera. It’s poised to be one of the biggest cameras on the market for the next few years. To celebrate this I’ll be hosting a launch party and workshop for the FS7 sometime around the end of January. I haven’t locked down the details yet. I’m completely open to suggestions. I want to have plenty of hands-on access for as many people as possible to really play with the camera. I want to have a real-world user who’s worked with the camera talk about his or her experiences, good and bad. And I want it to be a social event with food & drink. Stay tuned for more details. If you have something you’d like to see at this event let me know, . Post by Eric C. Petrie

Sony FS7 Launch Party

Pro Video Partners with Portlands Indie Cinema Academy

Local Northwest filmmakers Ryan Walters and Tim Park have started a new website aimed at sharing their 20+ years of filmmaking experience. You may have seen some of Ryan’s own blog work reposted on popular video industry websites such as No Film and Creative Planet. Now the duo is bringing you Indie Cinema .

Indie Cinema Academy delivers in depth camera & lighting training for anyone who desires a cinematic look for their projects. Ryan & Tim share the tricks of the trade that they’ve accumulated in their work on feature films, national commercials, and corporate videos. They have designed the curriculum to ensure that the training is applicable & accessible to all levels of production.

Indie Cinema Academy’s website contains a deep array of lessons and articles that take the form of video features or text instructions. Some of this content is completely free to the general public. To take your education further a minimal fee is requested of ether $119 or $149 (depending on what features you want) for 12 months of access.

Professional Video is a huge believer in the idea that  education is key to bringing creativity to its full potential. We know that by properly educating a customer on a piece of equipment the customer can then make the right gear-buying decision for themselves. And that is applicable on high-end equipment and entry level. Because of this belief in education we have partnered with Indie Cinema Academy to help spread the knowledge base a little further. Take a look at what Indie Cinema Academy had to offer. Sign up today and take your knowledge to the next level.

ICA Logo

Professional Video Sponsors PDX Film Fest Networking

The Portland Film Festival is a major event drawing filmmakers attention from around the country. Portland is seen as having it’s collective finger on the pulse of the independent film community. On Wednesday, August 28th a Film Festival networking event called Meet Your (film)Maker will be taking place at the McMenamins Backstage Bar adjacent to the Aladdin Theater. The event will begin at 5pm. This is an event specifically for filmmaker networking. Writers meet Producers, Producers meet Directors, Directors meet Cinematographers, Cinematographers meet the latest in digital cinema cameras brought to you by Professional Video. Here as the schedule for the entire film festival. Post by Eric C. Petrie 

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