FREE Metabones EF Adapter w/ Fs7 & Fs5 Is Back!

For a while Sony had been running a promo where you received a free Metabones EF lens adapter with an Fs series of camera. However, they discontinued the promo a few months ago. The good news is the promo has just been brought back. Now, when you purchase any Fs7 or Fs5 camera, as well as the Fs700 and EA50, you qualify to receive a FREE Metabones Mark IV EF adapter.

It is important to note that this is a MAIL-IN claim system…. the adapter is not in the camera box. This has tripped up some buyers who were planning on using the adapter with the camera immediately only to discover that it takes 4-8 weeks to receive the adapter.

However, we’ve been helping customers out with what i call the Metabones buy-back plan. If you need to use a Metabones adapter right away simply buy one at the time you buy the camera. Then, when you receive your free Metabones adapter via the mail in 4-8 weeks, i’ll buy it from you. That way you get to start shooting with the adapter right away and it doesn’t really cost you anything additional in the end.

You can buy take a look at the Sony Fs7 here and the Sony Fs5 here.

Also, for any customers who purchased a Sony Fs series camera between May 10th and July 31st when the Metabones promo was suspended, Sony is officially honoring your claims for the FREE Metabones adapter.

1) End User must purchase a Sony NEX-EA50M, NEX-FS700R, NEX-FS700RH, PXW-FS5, PXW-FS5K, PXW-FS7 or PXW-FS7K series professional camcorder during the promotion period from a Sony AuthorizedReseller. Eligible product must be ordered by and shipped to the end user withinthe promotion period in order to qualify for this rebate.
2) End User must fill out online rebate claim form at Sony
Complete the online claim form and hit the “Submit” button to process the submission.
Print your Online Rebate Submission Form.
3) End User must send printout of completed online form, entire ORIGINAL UPC product code label from thebox of the Sony eligible camcorder purchased (photocopies of UPC not accepted), and a copy ofpurchase invoice from the same Sony Authorized Reseller, Reseller of a Sony Authorized Distributor orSony to Sony End User Award Headquarters at the following address, postmarked no later than November30, 2016.


Special Offer: FREE Metabones Canon EF Lens Adapter w/ Sony FS7 Camera

I’m very excited to announce that I’m now able to offer you a free Metabones brand Canon EF lens to Sony E mount adapter with the purchase of the new Sony FS7 camera. This is a $300 value. The adapter provides full electronic communication between the Canon lenses and the Sony E-mount body of the camera. This retains image stabilization and electronic iris control. And it’s all yours for free with the new FS7.

I’ve been offering this promotion for quite a while on the FS100 and FS700 cameras, and it’s still continuing on those as well. The FS7 is Sony’s very highly anticipated addition to the CineAlta family. Using the same sensor as the F5, the FS7 offers S-Log3 color and gamma, 180fps internal recording, 4K internal recording in 10-bit, 4:2:2, I-Frame XAVC, and options for 12-bit RAW output and ProRes recording. The native E-mount of the camera makes it compatible with a wide range of Sony lenses, including their new 28-135mm f/4 budget cine-servo. The other advantage of the E-mount is how easy it is to adapt to PL, EF, F, or virtually any lens mount you can think of. The Metabones EF mount adapter is yours free when you purchase with me, Professional Video. Post by Eric C. Petrie

mb_ef-e-bm2_01 FS7 w/ Servo Zoom

Sony Announces Continuation of Metabones EF Rebate

Sony has announced that, in partnership with Professional Video, they will be continuing the Metabones EF adapter rebate. You with your purchase of an FS700 camera (now 4K ready) you’ll receive (via mail) an EF lens adapter that allows you to use Canon lenses that have an electronic iris. This adapter has a $400 value. One of the strengths of the E-mount that the FS700 employees is that it is very easily adapted to a wide range of lenses. Sony is leveraging that strength here by giving you a free gateway to the most extensive lens library out there, the Canon EF catalog. Right now the promotion is scheduled to run until the end of March. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Get a Free 32GB XQD Card with the Sony Z100 4K ENG Camera

We’re already taking pre-orders for the Sony PXW-Z100 4K ENG camera. We’re hoping these cameras will start coming in with in the next week. We’ll have a demo model for you to try out and evaluate. We’re also extremely excited to announce that, with your purchase of a Z100 camera, we’re including a free 32GB XQD memory card. That’s a $200 value. It’s not a rebate, not a send away, not a wait by the mailbox kinda deal. This is included at the time of the camera purchase. Take your camera out of the box, pop in that memory card, and start shooting. Post by Eric C. Petrie



Hot Bundles on XA20 & XA25 Camcorders

We’re running some sweet promotions right now on Canon XA20 and XA25 camcorders. When you buy an XA20 you’ll get 3x 32GB Delkin SDHC cards and a Canon CG-800 battery charger. When you buy an XA25 you’ll get 4x 32GB Delkin SDHC cards and a CG-800 battery charger.

The battery charger is an especially useful item because these cameras don’t come with a charger. Out of the box you’re required to charge the battery on-camera using the AC power adapter.

The XA20 package is currently selling for $2,195 and the XA25 package is selling for $2,695 Post by Eric C. Petrie

Professional Video Cinema EOS Camera + Lens Savings

Professional Video and Canon have done it again. We’ve teamed up with the Canon to bring you huge savings. These promotions are designed to help customers get into a Canon cinema camera and Canon cinema lens system at lower prices. Here’s how it works: Right now when you buy a Canon EOS C100 or C300 camera and at least 1 cinema prime lens you’ll get $500 off the camera body. Then you get $1,000 of of each cinema prime lens you buy. But wait, there’s more! When you buy a kit of 3 lenses we’ll give you another discount, an additional $900 off of the package price. A kit of 4 lenses will get you another $1600 and a kit of 5 lenses will get you $2500.

Lets draw up an example. The regular price of a C100 and a Canon 50mm cinema lens would be $10,449. With this promotion the same kit would be $8,699. Now lets say you wanted a 3 lens kit, because, after all, you have to have more glass. Lets round the average lens price to about $5,000. So the C100 plus 3 lenses at $5,000 each would normally be $20,499. Now with our promo the same kit would run you approximately $16,099, depending on which prime lenses you buy. That means you’re almost getting one of those lenses for free.

And don’t forget to finance that purchase with our 0% $0 down financing for 24 months. That means a C100 and 3 Canon cinema primes would run you about $670 a month. So what do you think? Let us know. Post by Eric C. Petrie


We’ll Take Care of Your 1DC Firmware Upgrade

Canon has begun to install firmware 1.2 onto Canon 1DC cameras. This is a great upgrade that adds 25fps PAL recording, fixes some errors when using an external HDMI recorder, and fixes an exposure issue with Auto Lighting Optimizer. Unfortunately this is not a user installable upgrade, your camera needs to be shipped to Canon. Pro Video is offering FREE shipping of your camera down to Canon if you purchased it with us. Thats right, if you got your 1DC here just bring it by, we’ll take care of boxing it up and sending it out. A nice benefit of having a local dealer. – Post by Eric Petrie