Quick Camera Comparison + Beauty Filter Test

Our very good friends at Cinema 5D put together a test to illustrate the use of glass “beauty” filters. Glass filters are extremely valuable tools that frequently get forgotten about in today’s digital world. Alex Buono had a whole section during his workshop highlighting his use of glass filters. He said he won’t shoot a standard talking-head interview with out a glass filter. Check out their glass filter test here.

As a side test, since they had several high profile cameras assembled for the filter test, they did a quick, unscientific camera comparison. The point of the comparison was to show how well the cameras held up when they were corrected to look the same in terms of color and dynamic range. The most important take-away: for everyone who thinks a C300 is just a EOS 7D with a big body and 10x the price you’ll notice that the 7D, when pushed, falls apart hard. The level of detail it captures is so shallow compared to the other cameras that when pushed it can’t hold up in the slightest. Watch the video here.  Post by Eric C. Petrie

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 4.37.06 PM