Zeiss Manaual Photo Lens Mini Review

When it comes to production equipment lenses are good long-term investments. Cameras get out dated, you change camera brands, and you might even use multiple styles of cameras (like DSLR and video cameras) together. My first recommendation for photography lenses for video production is always the Zeiss ZF.2 photo series. The all metal all mechanical build makes them much more precise for manual focusing then Canon AF lenses. The focus rings feature 180 degree barrel rotation and hard stops with scales. The mechanical aperture ring means that no electronic interface is needed between the camera and lens ensuring you’ll never have any compatibility issues switching between a Sony camera, a Canon camera, a Panasonic camera, or any others. Optically they are just as sharp, if not sharper, then their Canon L-series counterparts, often at a lower cost. These lenses will truly last you forever. Here is a video that goes over the benefits of these lenses. Remember we sell Zeiss and all of our equipment at the same price that B&H does, New York prices right here in Portland Oregon.


Has Zeiss Created the Perfect 50mm Lens?

With an imaging performance that has hitherto only been seen with medium format systems, the new ZEISS Otus 1.4/55 offers ambitious photographers who do not accept any compromises in image quality the possibility for a more compact gear. DSLR cameras with high-resolution 35mm sensors put enormous demands on lenses. The Otus1.4/55 can deal with these demands thanks to its outstanding sharpness, high image contrast and no visible chromatic aberrations. It creates the highest-possible image quality, even with an open aperture. The new ZEISS lens is

especially suited for advertising, fashion and studio photography, and professional photographers working in these fields will not need to make any compromises in terms of performance and quality. The Otus 1.4/55 is the first lens in a family of uncompromising professional lenses from ZEISS. Additional focal lengths will follow. Otus is the Latin name for a type of owl known for its excellent vision in darkness — just like this new high-speed lens from ZEISS.

Watch the video here.



What Effect Can Your Lens Have on the Look of Your Video?

Lenses are often one of the more subtle choices that the cinematographer makes when determining the look of a film. Usually things like camera (or film stock) and lighting take precedence over lenses. However, what many people don’t realize is just how powerful an effect certain lenses can have on the final image of a film, no matter how subtle or subconsciously appealing the look may be. Cooke lenses, for example, are known worldwide for their distinctive look. But what exactly is the “Cooke look”? Where does it come from, and why would you want it on your next project? Stick with us to find out:


Zeiss Begins Shipping CZ.2 28-80 Cine Zoom

Zeiss has started shipping their highly anticipated 28-80mm T/2.9 cinema zoom lens. This lens joins their family of Compact Zooms which also contains the 70-200 CZ.2 and their newly announced 15-30 CZ.2. The Compact Zoom lens family is similar to the Compact Primes in that these zooms cover the large full frame sensors that are found on cameras like the Canon 5D Mark III, 1D C, and also the large sensor area of the Red Epic Dragon at 6K; they also have interchangeable lens mount systems (PL, EF, F, MFT, E) as well. These features make the lenses unique in the zoom world and future-proof as well. Professional Video has all of the best choices for your cinema lens needs including Zeiss, Canon, and Schneider. Watch a video review of the Zeiss zooms here.


New Cine Lenses From Zeiss & Canon

This week at IBC Canon and Zeiss have both announced additions to their cinema lens line-up. Canon has announced a 35mm T/1.5 prime lens. This will give Canon 6 cinema primes, 14, 24, 35, 50, 85, 135. The 35mm has been expected for some time, its a natural focal length for cinematography, and it had been notably missing from the Canon line.

Meanwhile Zeiss has announced a 15-30mm T/2.9 cinema zoom. This will complete a 3-lens zoom line that also includes the 28-80 and 70-200 zooms.

Professional Video is the Northwests only full-line cinema gear dealer. We are leading dealers for Canon and Zeiss cinema lenses. We are accepting pre-orders of both lenses. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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