GoPro Announces Hero3+

GoPro cameras have revolutionized our concept of cameras that can literally get any shot from any angle. Even though they are aimed at consumers and hobbyists the professional customers that we help love them. We keep them in-stock at Professional Video in Portland. GoPro has announced the Hero3+. The Hero3+ is availible in the “Black” edition and the “Silver” edition. While this isn’t the 4K/60p camera some were hoping for it is a nice upgrade over the Hero3. Both editions feature a change to the form factor. They’re 20% smaller then the current Hero3. Both editions will now do 1080/60p and 720/120p. The “Silver” has a 10mp still photo the “Black” has a 12mp still photo, up from a 5mp on the previous model. Both editions have a new sensor that is dramatically improved in low light. Both editions also have a 30% improved battery. The “Black” edition features 2K/30p, and 4K/15p. It comes with the Wi-Fi remote. The “Black” edition also features two modes the “Silver” doesn’t. The first is called SuperWide where the camera uses more of the sensor to see at an extreme wide angle. The second is a Super Low Light mode where the camera automatically adjusts shutter speeds to give even more dramatic low light performance. The cameras are shipping on a limited bases now. Order yours from Professional Video today and you should receive it in about 10-15 business days. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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