Tokina Enters Cinema Market

The number of cine lenses on the market has been on the rise since DSLRs got into the video game. Now Tokina has also gotten on board, with a wide-angle cine lens announced on its Japanese site. With an asking price of around $5,870, it’s due in a PL mount version later in September, and come November in an EF mount.

It’ll have a focus range of 16-28mm, the aperture will run T3.0 to T22 with a nine bladed aperture system, and 15 lens elements in in 13 groups.

Professional Video is a full cinema dealer including cameras and lenses. We currently sell the full Canon cinema lens line, the full Zeiss lens line, and the full Schneider lens line. We are actively looking into bring on Tokina when their cinema lenses hit the market. Post by Eric C. Petrie