Wrap Up “Out of Order Tour” Post Production Workshop

We had a great time supporting the “Out of Order Tour” with Ross Hockrow. Ross lead the group on a journey of discovery of why we edit the way we do. We learned editing theory, editing mechanics and how to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Plus we gave away some sweet Canon lens look-alike coffee mugs to some lucky audience members. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Out of Order Tou With Ross Hockrow & Pro Video

Professional Video is extremely excited to be the Canon Cinema EOS sponsor of Ross Hockrow’s “Out of Order Tour”. The “Out of Order Tour” teaches how to create captivating films through the editing process by focusing on two key concepts The first is the use of “out of order” storytelling techniques. The second is how to make decisions about where pieces go. Designed for the intermediate filmmaker, this workshop shows you how to unlock the full potential of your footage by utilizing the principles of story structure, narrative bases, shot selection, pacing, and the psychological effects of shot placement.

As Ross has said, ” Editing has the power to transform substandard footage into an intriguing and captivating story. But great cinematography can never overcome bad editing”

The tour comes through Seattle on Sunday, October 6th and through Portland on Tuesday October 8th. We’ll be there with the full Canon cinema camera line-up, cinema lenses, and cinema accessories. Plus we’re giving away sweet prizes for customers that stop by and say hi. If you are still needing to buy tickets use our special promo code and get a $15 discount. The promo code is OOOPROVT . Post by Eric C. Petrie