Canon’s Huge Promotions Ending Soon… Actually Ending This Time

I know we’ve said this before. Canon always puts time limits on their rebates only to renew the tim and time agsin. This time we’ve heard it strait from the top: the promos will not be continued. What promos are we talking about?

Photo Lens + Camera rebate

Right now buy any L-series lens with a C100 or C300 camera and receive an additional $500-$900 back.

Cinema Lens + Camera rebate

Right now buy any cinema lens and a Cinema EOS camera and receive $1,500 back.

Stackable Cinema Lens “Kit” discount

For a kit of 3 cine lenses get another $900 off, a kit of 4 lenses gives you $1600 off, a kit of 5 lenses gives you $2500 off.

Loyalty Lens Promotion

Already own a Cinema EOS camera or a 5DmkIII? We’ll give you $500 off any Canon cine lens just as a thank you for choosing Canon and Professional Video

C500 + 4K Recorder rebate

Get $4,000 off you combo kit when you buy a C500 camera and a qualified 4K recorder like the AJA Ki-Pro Quad.

All of these promotions end on January 4th. And of course keep in mind that we are offering 0% financing for 24 months with $0 down for any Cinema EOS purchase. If you’ve even been considering one of these cameras or lenses now is the time. Don’t let it pass by.

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Already Own Canon? We’ll Still Give You a Discount

You purchased a C100 from Professional Video 6 months ago. At the time you were pretty tight on budget but now you’re thinking you might want to get one of those sweet cinema lenses. Great. We’ll give you a $500 discount on that cinema lens for being a loyal customer.

You purchased a C300 from B&H 6 months ago. That’s unfortunate that you didn’t buy your camera from us, but you know what, we won’t hold it against you. We want to earn your business back. We’ll give you $500 off of a cinema lens as well.

You own an EOS 5D, an EOS 6D or another qualified DSLR. You want to invest in good glass now because you know cameras come and go but lenses (not diamonds) are forever. Besides, you’ll probably get a C100 or C300 next year. We’ll give you $500 off a Canon cinema lens today just because you already own a Canon DSLR.

You can’t lose here. Do you own a Canon camera? Buy a cinema lens now. Save $500. Loyalty to Professional Video and Canon will save you money. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Buy a C500 with Canon Lenses & Save Big

Professional Video and Canon have teamed up to run some amazing promotions on the Canon C500. These promotions are designed to get you into a a full system with 4K recording, Canon glass, and of course the camera body.

Right now when you buy a Canon EOS C500 you get instant savings of $3,000 off the standard price, $25,999 is slashed to $22,999. Now throw a Canon cinema prime into the mix and you’re looking at another $1,000 off the camera body, bringing it down to $21,999. Plus we’re going to give you another $1,000 off of each prime lens, $2,000 off of each Canon compact zoom lens, and $3,000 off of each Canon large zoom lens you purchase.

But wait there’s more! If you put together a kit of 3 prime lenses we’re giving you an extra $900 as a bonus kit discount. A kit of 4 lenses gives you an extra $1,600 off as a kit discount. Finally a kit of 5 lenses gives you an extra $2,500 off as an extra kit discount.

With all of this sweet action on lenses what about the recorder? You’ve got to record you’re 4K onto something? When you buy a C500 and a qualified 4K recorder from AJA or Convergent Design we’re going to give you another $1,000 off the package price.

Lets draw up a scenario. Lets say you want a C500, a AJA Ki-Pro Quad, a 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm primes lenses. That would be a very nice set-up. George Lucas himself would be jealous. Normally that would be prices like this: $25,999, $3,695, $5,220, $4,950, $4,950 for a grand total of $44,814. With these promos your grand total would be $35,914, nearly $10k off! Now you’ll want to finance the whole thing with our 24 month 0% financing so you’ll be paying about $1,496 a month.

If you find these promos a bit head spinning we understand. Thats what we’re here for. Call us, please. Post by Eric C. Petrie .

Buy a Canon Cinema Camera + L-Series Lens & Save Money

We’re running some amazing specials on Canon products right now. Many of our specials are geared around getting you into a Canon cinema camera with Canon glass so you’re ready to shot. Right now we’re running a promotion on the Canon EOS C100 and C300 cameras plus L-series professional photo lenses. When you buy a C100 or C300 plus an L-series lens we’ll send you a $500 same-as-cash American Express gift card. We’re also going to give you a rebate on each photo lens you buy. The rebate will range from $50-$300, depending on the lens. It’s a slam dunk. Buy a camera and lens, save money.

Lets draw up a quick example. Normally if you buy a C100 and that sweet 24-70mm f/2.8 lens that would run you $7,798. With our current promotion your final price would be $6,998. That’s a great kit at a great price. Finance it with us at 0% over 24 months and you’re looking at $291 per month. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Professional Video Cinema EOS Camera + Lens Savings

Professional Video and Canon have done it again. We’ve teamed up with the Canon to bring you huge savings. These promotions are designed to help customers get into a Canon cinema camera and Canon cinema lens system at lower prices. Here’s how it works: Right now when you buy a Canon EOS C100 or C300 camera and at least 1 cinema prime lens you’ll get $500 off the camera body. Then you get $1,000 of of each cinema prime lens you buy. But wait, there’s more! When you buy a kit of 3 lenses we’ll give you another discount, an additional $900 off of the package price. A kit of 4 lenses will get you another $1600 and a kit of 5 lenses will get you $2500.

Lets draw up an example. The regular price of a C100 and a Canon 50mm cinema lens would be $10,449. With this promotion the same kit would be $8,699. Now lets say you wanted a 3 lens kit, because, after all, you have to have more glass. Lets round the average lens price to about $5,000. So the C100 plus 3 lenses at $5,000 each would normally be $20,499. Now with our promo the same kit would run you approximately $16,099, depending on which prime lenses you buy. That means you’re almost getting one of those lenses for free.

And don’t forget to finance that purchase with our 0% $0 down financing for 24 months. That means a C100 and 3 Canon cinema primes would run you about $670 a month. So what do you think? Let us know. Post by Eric C. Petrie