Zacuto’s Next Gen Recoil Fully Explained

Zacuto has been working hard with a new line of products this year, a line we’ve seen snippets of throughout expo shows as earlier as NAB in April. All starting with their single universal baseplate, the next generation of recoil rigs caters for every camera from a Sony A7S to an Arri Amira. Professional Video is your Northwest leader for camera rigging systems. I personally been building 15mm based rail systems for cameras for nearly a decade. Need help setting up your new camera rig? Thats what I’m here for. Any time you need some assistance assembling your new rig let me know. I’ve done it so many times i can usually figure out a new rig very quickly. Free help setting up your rig, same prices as New York, how can you go wrong? Post by Eric C. Petrie


Zacuto Reveals Recoil Rigs for Sony FS7 CineAlta Camera

With this First Look video of the Sony FS7, Zacuto shows us how this camera can be used with the new Recoil system. Using just a few elements, you can turn your Sony FS7 into a Recoil rig that offers true balance and camera control for the cinema verite style set up. The camera is wonderful but it’s important to understand that when a shoulder pad is in the back you are holding the camera up, not operating a balanced camera. Moving the camera back causes some issues because you need to move the grip and EVF forward. Watch and see how we can solve these issues in various ways. Post by Eric C. Petrie


First Look at the Sony Fs7 from Zacuto from Zacuto on Vimeo.

Now Taking Pre-Order on Zacuto Gratical- Discount

At NAB 2014 Zacuto first showed they’re new electronic viewfinder called the Gratical. The grammatical, simply put, is a high-end production caliber monitor in an EVF format. it has every feature you could possibly expect from a high end field monitor, scopes, LUTS, camera date, focus assist, exposure assist, the list literally goes on and on. Oh, and its a native 1280×1024 OLED so the image quality is insane.

The Gratical HD is scheduled to start shipping in January for $3,800. Right now I’m offering a pre-order discount of $200, getting the unit price down to $3,600. Thats still a lot for a viewfinder but with the range of options this finder has it will be able to attach to any camera on the market today and most likely any camera thats going to be coming on the market for years to come. Post by Eric C. Petrie

New Canon EOS C300 Options

Canon has continued to expand the different options for buying the EOS C300 digital cinema camera. Professional Video, Zacuto, and Canon have recently partnered together to create the C300 Recoil Package. The kit includes the full Z-Finder package the grip relocator, the C300/500 helmet, and more. In all the package adds up to over $2,500 worth of Zacuto accessories that transform the C300 into an ideal shoulder-mount run-and-gun camera, perfect for documentaries, ENG, or reality TV style productions. This kit includes the C300 body with the Dual-Pixel upgrade. The camera buy itself is valued at $14,499, the accessories valued at about $2500. This whole package is yours right now for $13,499 or $387 a month over 36 months.

Contact us for more details. 503-598-9142 or

Here are all your options for buying the Canon EOS C300.

C300 Packages

C300 (non-dual pixel) body only, normally $13,999, NOW $11,999

C300-DAF body only, normally $14,499, NOW $12,499

C300-DAF body Zacuto Recoil kit, normally $15,499, NOW $13,499

C300-DAF 24-70 f/2.8 L-series lens kit, normally $15,799, NOW $13,799

Financing Options

C300 (non-dual pixel) body only $344 a month

C300-DAF body only $358 a month

C300-DAF body Zacuto Recoil kit $387 a month

C300-DAF 24-70 f/2.8 L-series lens kit $395 a month

C300 Recoil back C300 Recoil side

Zacuto Releases EOS C300/500 Accessory System, Z-Finder

A lot of people have been requesting a Zacuto Z-Finder for the EOS C300 for a while. But why hasn’t Zacuto made one? Zacuto has finally announced a whole system of accessories for the C300 including a Z-Finder. You’ve got to watch this video, it’s pretty incredible what this stuff can do. Once you watch this video you’ll see why it required a very precise and customer solution. You’ve got to hand it to Zacuto. They could have cashed in and made a quick down and dirty Z-Finder and people would have bought it. Instead they took the approach of taking a little more time and developing a system that would live up to their high standards of quality. Order your Zacuto products with Professional Video now. See the latest in digital cinema at the Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 3.29.24 PM

Zacuto Releases New Follow Focus Designed for One-Man Band

Attaching a follow focus to your camera can save you the headache (and difficulty) of using your focus ring to make your images crisp. If you’re a one-man band you need a tool with ergonomics that help alleviate the strain on your body, let you focus with ease, and give you the balance needed to keep your camera steady. A lot of popular follow focus units don’t give you a perfect blend of balance and control. Zacuto‘s newly released Z-Drive follow focus, in conjunction with their Tornado grip, will give you more stability and allow you to focus less on focusing.

Zacuto‘s Z-Drive addresses a couple of issues experienced by some follow focus users, and one of them is placement. The more gear that is added to a rig, the more crowded it gets. Also, the positioning of most follow focuses may not agree with the way a user’s hand wants to move. The Z-Drive offers a different hand motion that may be more comfortable

The second issue Zacuto addresses is stability. Again, if you’re the sole camera operator, oftentimes focusing means giving up a little stability. Zacuto tries to remedy that with their Tornado grip, which attaches to the Z-Drive, and allows you to control focus without taking your hand off of the support handle (that is, if you’re using a shoulder mount.) To operate the Tornado grip, you “ratchet” your wrist back and grab the scalloped wheel to pull focus. Watch the video here.

Remember that Professional Video is the Northwest’s only full-line digital cinema dealers. This goes far beyond cameras. We sell Zacuto, Redrock Micro, Letus, Genus, Vocas, Tilta, Ikan, Chrosziel, Jag35, Movcam, and more. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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