Zacuto Releases New Follow Focus Designed for One-Man Band

Attaching a follow focus to your camera can save you the headache (and difficulty) of using your focus ring to make your images crisp. If you’re a one-man band you need a tool with ergonomics that help alleviate the strain on your body, let you focus with ease, and give you the balance needed to keep your camera steady. A lot of popular follow focus units don’t give you a perfect blend of balance and control. Zacuto‘s newly released Z-Drive follow focus, in conjunction with their Tornado grip, will give you more stability and allow you to focus less on focusing.

Zacuto‘s Z-Drive addresses a couple of issues experienced by some follow focus users, and one of them is placement. The more gear that is added to a rig, the more crowded it gets. Also, the positioning of most follow focuses may not agree with the way a user’s hand wants to move. The Z-Drive offers a different hand motion that may be more comfortable

The second issue Zacuto addresses is stability. Again, if you’re the sole camera operator, oftentimes focusing means giving up a little stability. Zacuto tries to remedy that with their Tornado grip, which attaches to the Z-Drive, and allows you to control focus without taking your hand off of the support handle (that is, if you’re using a shoulder mount.) To operate the Tornado grip, you “ratchet” your wrist back and grab the scalloped wheel to pull focus. Watch the video here.

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