Sony Announces HXR-NX3 Hand Held AVCHD Camcorder

Sony has announced a new entry level professional camcorder, the HXR-NX3. It appears to be an evolution of the NX5. It loses some higher-end “pro” features of the NX5, such as HD-SDI and support for 128GB integrated SSD, but it gains a handful of newer technologies more appropriate for a camera of this generation.

The camera features 3x 1/3″ 1080p CMOS sensors and can record AVCHD up to 60fps at full resolution and bit rate. The camera retains a very similar design as the NX5 and the 20x “G” Sony servo zoom lens. The most prominent new features are 1)it’s ability to stream live video over Wi-Fi at 720p resolution at 3mbps, 2)the ability to transfer media files from the camera to a mobile device for clip playback and storage, 3)and the ability to control record, zoom, iris and auto focus from the mobile deice. It also has a small built-in 8-LED camera top light….. oh, goodie goodie. The camera should start shipping around the end of January. Post by Eric C. Petrie