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In my attempt to propel us forward to 2011 level use of the internet (from our current 2006 level) I’ve started the official Pro Video Instagram account. My user name is provideopdx, . Find me, follow me. I’ll try to keep some useful relevant photos up there. Mostly pics from events, shoots, and new gear that we get in to play with. If you want to see anything specific up there let me know. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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Sony PXW-FS7 Launch Party & Workshop

I’m extremely excited for the new Sony PXW-FS7 CineAlta camera. It’s poised to be one of the biggest cameras on the market for the next few years. To celebrate this I’ll be hosting a launch party and workshop for the FS7 sometime around the end of January. I haven’t locked down the details yet. I’m completely open to suggestions. I want to have plenty of hands-on access for as many people as possible to really play with the camera. I want to have a real-world user who’s worked with the camera talk about his or her experiences, good and bad. And I want it to be a social event with food & drink. Stay tuned for more details. If you have something you’d like to see at this event let me know, . Post by Eric C. Petrie

Sony FS7 Launch Party

Pro Video Partners with Portlands Indie Cinema Academy

Local Northwest filmmakers Ryan Walters and Tim Park have started a new website aimed at sharing their 20+ years of filmmaking experience. You may have seen some of Ryan’s own blog work reposted on popular video industry websites such as No Film and Creative Planet. Now the duo is bringing you Indie Cinema .

Indie Cinema Academy delivers in depth camera & lighting training for anyone who desires a cinematic look for their projects. Ryan & Tim share the tricks of the trade that they’ve accumulated in their work on feature films, national commercials, and corporate videos. They have designed the curriculum to ensure that the training is applicable & accessible to all levels of production.

Indie Cinema Academy’s website contains a deep array of lessons and articles that take the form of video features or text instructions. Some of this content is completely free to the general public. To take your education further a minimal fee is requested of ether $119 or $149 (depending on what features you want) for 12 months of access.

Professional Video is a huge believer in the idea that  education is key to bringing creativity to its full potential. We know that by properly educating a customer on a piece of equipment the customer can then make the right gear-buying decision for themselves. And that is applicable on high-end equipment and entry level. Because of this belief in education we have partnered with Indie Cinema Academy to help spread the knowledge base a little further. Take a look at what Indie Cinema Academy had to offer. Sign up today and take your knowledge to the next level.

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Free Training with Any Camera Purchase

We serve a huge range of customers. Some people we help know exactly what they want in a camera, they’ve used lots of different kinds, they just need to buy it and get shooting. Others have shot a certain way their whole careers, perhaps ENG style, and are now looking to mix it up with a digital cinema camera. They have a lot of experience but aren’t used to applying it to this different kind of technology. Some people we help are just starting into digital film making.

Regardless of where you are coming from or what your past experience is like Professional Video is always happy to offer free training with every single camera purchase. We’re always excited to help go through the initial set-up of the camera including pairing it with any accessories that you purchased with it like an external recorder, rod support system, or audio receivers. From there we can go over features like the external control of the camera, we can help dive through the menus and explain some of those mysteries deep down settings, and we can talk about when and where to use the cameras features to maximize it’s performance.

We exist to be a resource to you. We want you to be as successful and satisfied with your gear as possible. That way your overall experience buying new gear from us can be positive. If we can contribute in a small way, to enrich the new gear experience, we’ve served our purpose. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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Do a Rental Evaluation Before You Buy

We always want customers to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to production equipment. That’s the very basis of our business. It doesn’t do us any good to sell you the wrong equipment. Something we always encourage people to do is try it before you buy it. What better way to tell if a camera, lens, light, or stabilizer is going to be the right fit then actually trying it in your circumstances. This is something we’ve done for years.

Here’s how it works. You’re interested in that hot new Canon C100-DAF. But you have some questions about how it will work in your circumstances. No problem. Rent it for the weekend and try it our. Weekends only run 1 days rental charge. When you come back you’ll know if its the right fit. If it is we’ll simply apply 100% of the rental cost towards the purchase. Don’t worry, this goes for like-items as well. If you rent the C100 and, based on that rental, decide that the Sony FS700 will be a better fit for you we’ll just apply the C100 rental towards the Sony purchase. This is good for up to 60 days after your rental.

We do believe that a single day is long enough for an evaluation for if you have a 5 day rental for a camera and you decide to purchase a month after the rental we’re happy to apply a single days value towards the purchase. If we don’t have what you’re hoping to try on the shelf let us know. There’s a good chance we can get in whatever it is you want to test. Call or email us if you have more questions about trying gear before you buy it.

Post by Eric C. Petrie

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CMVS On DVInfo News

The Cascade Mt. Video Show is reaching a national audience. We’re thrilled that our new partnership with DVInfo has been a success. Today the Cascade Mt. Video Show was posted in the primary news section of the popular video community. While we don’t really expect people to travel very long distances to get to CMVS we are excited that we’re able to let the rest of the country know about this awesome event that’s been happening here in the Northwest for over 14 years now. Check out the DVInfo article here. Register for CMVS now.

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Cascade Mt. Video Show is Only 3 Weeks Away

It’s time for the Cascade Mt. Video Show. The show is on February 26th. This will be the 14th annual year Professional Video has put on this event. The Cascade Mt. Video Show is the Northwest’s largest video equipment trade show. Over the years it has also become an educational opportunity hosting workshops that focus on technique as much as technology. It also is one of the largest gatherings of Northwest media professionals of the year with over 400 people attending.

This year we have over 25 industry leading manufacture that will be present. These include Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Blackmagic Design, Zeiss, Wooden Camera, Manfrotto, Sachtler, Vinten, Anton Bauer, Lite Panels, and many more. In our camera circle we’ll have over 30 cameras all side by side.

Our workshops this year will cover topics such as modern event filmmaking, choosing the right camera and lens for your production, documentary pre-production planning, using the MoVi stabilization system, 4K workflow from pre though post production, computer generated virtual sets, and sneak peaks as future products coming at NAB. Workshop presenters will be local Portland production company Still Motion, MHCC Integrated Media, Canon, Sony, Ross, Picture This Production Service, Sony, Ross, and Panasonic.

For people who work in broadcast television we’re extremely excited to bring you a full featured Augmented Reality System demonstration from Ross Video Systems. This includes synchronized and timed cameras complete with 3D rendered graphics.

For people who work in commercial and cinema we’re thrilled to be able to host Sony’s CineAlta cinema workflow training course. This is a condensed version of the same training they offer at their Hollywood facility. It includes preparation for the coming 4K future.

Register now for the Cascade Mt. Video Show. The show is on February 26th. When you register for the show you will be entered to win a GoPro camera kit as well as securing your free show admission.

The Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th is only possible because a local company makes the arrangements with all of these manufacturers to get them together at the same time and same place. Please support the Cascade Mt. Video Show by purchasing with Professional Video. Register for CMVS ’14 now.

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Workshops at Cascade Mt. Video Show ’14

This years CMVS will feature some great hands on workshops. The final schedule is yet to be made but here is a sneak peak at what the rundown will look like. CMVS is on February 26th. Register Now.

Still Motion: Portland Production company Still Motion has helped reinvent modern event filmmaking. They’ve also just completed a feature length documentary that is touring the country and getting a lot of early praise. Still Motion will be leading us in learning about modern event filmmaking, what makes it different then event coverage of the past, and how do we use today’s tools to maximize this emerging style. Still Motion will also be leading us in another workshop regarding the tools of todays trade. When is the right time to use a DSLR compared to a full featured cinema camera? What about traditional video cameras? How do you chose the right lenses for your shoot?

MHCC Integrated Media: The nature of digital production is that we tend to run and gun which can leave gapping holes when you sit down to edit. MHCC Integrated Media has a very simple system that saves you time on the set and heartache in post. We’re not going to talk scripts, though those are a good idea, this is a way to make the best use of location scouts and production planing to schedule your shoot.

Picture This Production Services: Picture This is one of the only places in town where you can rent the revolutionary MoVi camera support system. The MoVi is designed to give unprecedented stabilization to the camera operator with out having to go through extensive training. Get your hands on a MoVi. It might be the best choice for your next project.

Sony Digital Cinema Training: Sony is transplanting one of their Hollywood cinema training course and bringing it to CMVS. This is the very same certification they provide to Hollywood shooters looking to familiarize themselves with the Sony CineAlta system. Amongst the topics will be 4K workflow from pre to post production and why, even if you’re not shooting 4K today, you need to know this stuff.

Ross Video Systems: Augmented Reality is the next step in studio style television production. Augmented Reality Systems technology has been around for a year or two on ultra high end network sets but now Ross Video is making systems that can be implement in our local TV stations. Experience a full fledged Augmented Reality System completed with robotic synchronized camera movements and floating virtual set piece.

Panasonic: We are going to get an early sneak peak at some of the new technologies that Panasonic will be unveiling at NAB 2014. Most of the time manufactures keep a tight lid on this stuff. The CMVS audience is very lucky to get a glimpse into the future of Panasonic broadcast and how we all might be able to benefit from it.

For free show admission and a chance to win a GoPro camera kit REGISTER NOW. CMVS ’14 is on February 26th.

Get $50 for 3 Minutes of Your Time

Take our customer feedback survey. It’s short, 10 multiple choice questions. It will take less then 3 minutes. When you’re done take a screen shot (command+shift+3 Mac, Windows instructions) and email the screen shot to . I’ll send you $50 of store credit. Click here to take the survey. It’s that easy. We need your feedback. Please, take the survey. Then register for the Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th.

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Cascade Mt. Video Show is Coming Very Soon

The 2014 Cascade Mt Video Show. Attend the Northwest’s largest video industry showcase featuring over 25 industry leading equipment manufacturers and all-day hands-on workshops. Join over 400 local video & film professionals at the largest industry event of the year. CMVS ’14 is on Wednesday, February 26th. The equipment expo runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm and the workshops run from 10:00am to 6:00pm. The show is at the Portland World Forestry Center, 4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, 97221. Top manufactures at this years show include Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Blackmagic Design, Zeiss, Fujinon, Ross, Sachtler, Vinten, Lite Panels, and more. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics including event filmmaking, augmented reality for live TV, DSLR and cinema camera selection, successful documentary pre-production, 4k acquisition and workflow, and much more. Register now at for free show admission and the chance to win a GoPro camera kit.