CMVS ’14: Ross Augmented Reality Virtual Sets Road Show

Ross Video is pleased to present the AR/VS Road Show, a touring demonstration of Ross Video’s turn-key solutions for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Sets (VS). The first stop on the tour is Portland Oregon for Professional Video’s Cascade Mt. Video Show. The Ross Video AR solution delivers network-quality, 3D augmented-reality graphics integrated seamlessly into any broadcast environment without the need for a green screen. The Virtual Set solution, used with a green screen, enables rich full virtual environments that replace traditional hard sets and offer the advantage of using a single green-screen studio to run multiple shows, each with a unique look.

The Road Show demonstration will present both AR and VS broadcast-ready 3D graphics to show various ways to use AR and VS to enhance the ability to tell stories. The AR and VS solutions are ideal for all types of productions, including elections, sports, weather, entertainment, and news.

The Road Show solution includes: XPression Studio AE, Furio VR-1 robotic dolly with elevating column and PTZ head, Crossover switcher with UltraChrome chroma-keyer, Inception Social Media, openGear frame with video-delay card, and Unreel’s UX AR and VS control and tracking software.

The Ross AR/VS system will be in a dedicated room running on-demand demonstrations for all customers at from 9:00am-4:30pm on February 26th. There will also be an in-depth group lecture held at 4:45pm. You can register for the show here and attend for free.


Ross Video Production Technologies Brings Augments Reality Systems to CMVS

Ross, a worldwide leader in broadcast television production switchers, controls, and C.G. is bringing one of their state of the art Augmented Reality Systems to CMVS this year. Ross and Unreel offer a complete Plug-and-Play low-cost solution that delivers network-quality augmented-reality graphics integrated seamlessly into any broadcast environment with no green screen required. The solution is pre-configured so the broadcaster can be on-air on completion of commissioning with the opportunity for new ad revenue.

If you are a broadcaster this is an incredible opportunity to see first-hand the power of a full Augmented Reality System in action. Register for the Cascade Mt. Video Show now for free admission. The show is on February 26th. For more information on Ross Augmented Reality Systems click here.

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