AJA Io 4K Now Shipping

Do you already have, or are you planning on getting, one of those shinny new Mac Pro cylinders? Allow us to introduce you to the best companion for your cylinder that you could ask for, the AJA Io 4K. This is an absolutely amazing video interface device all made possible via Thunderbolt 2 connection. Whether you’re working in an SDI-based workflow, an HDMI workflow or both, Io 4K has you covered with a complete set of full-sized connections for video and audio as well as a dedicated down-conversion output, Reference, LTC and RS-422 control, making Io 4K the choice for working professionals. Thunderbolt 2 connectivity provides maximum throughput on set or in the studio. Dual Thunderbolt ports allow additional devices to be connected on the same Thunderbolt bus for complete flexibility. Order your Io 4K from Professional Video today. Visit AJA in person at their booth at the Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th. Register for the show now. Post by Eric C. Petrie