JVC Announced 2 New ENG Camcorders: HM850 & HM890

JVC has just added two new models–the GY-HM890 and GY-HM850—to its line of shoulder-mount camcorders. Compared to the current HM750 & HM790 cameras these have an all new design “Fujinon” branded lens, feature a 50mbps flavor, and have built-in streaming capability, which allows transmission of images from the cameras in full HD through 4G LTE connectivity. The “Fujinon” lens appears to be more similar to the “Fujinon” lens that Sony uses on the PMW300, it has image stabilization, autofocus, and features semi mechanical/semi servo rings for zoom, focus, and iris. The HM700-series always came with true traditional ENG style lenses with pure mechanical action and external servo controls. Internally it still records ether AVCHD(h.264/mpeg4) at 24mbps 4:2:0 or XDCam (mpeg2) at 4:2:0 35mbps. It also records in a vague non-descrpt h.264 50mbps mode. My speculation is that this is simply a higher bit rate version of AVCHD, but technically AVCHD does not support 50mbps, so they can’t call it that. However the 50mbps mode makes no mention of being at a higher color space. Therefore i must conclude that the 50mbps mode is also 4:2:0.

“We believe the future is with the live video streaming and FTP service fully integrated into the camera, as demonstrated with the new GY-HM890 and GY-HM850,” said Edgar Shane, general manager of engineering at JVC Professional Products division. “With the recent advancements in 4G LTE availability and bandwidth, service providers can deliver reliable high-speed connections that can support HD streaming with a single modem. This technology is here now, and will continue to progress and improve.”

The cameras can either transfer files in the background as operators continue to capture content or transmit live scenes in real time using JVC’s Advanced Streaming Technology, which provides “content-aware” error correction, bandwidth shaping and feedback of streaming status.

Both cameras use JVC’s 1/3-inch 2.07 effective megapixel CMOS sensors to capture 1920 x 1080 images and include Fujinon 20X wide-angle lenses with auto focus, optical stabilization and chromatic aberration correction. These interchangeable 1/3-inch bayonet-mount lenses also feature manual focus, zoom, and iris adjustment capabilities.

The GY-850 may also be used for studio production or multi-camera field applications as it accommodates the company’s fiber or multicore camera cable modules and can be used in a studio sled configuration and with external viewfinders and box-style lenses.

“The new HM800 Series are the most feature-rich ProHD camcorders we’ve ever produced,” said Craig Yanagi, manager, marketing and brand strategy, JVC Professional Products. “They truly provide broadcasters the tools to be first on-air and first online. With a 4G LTE modem that you plug directly to the camera or a 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot that you keep in your pocket, you can go live to the broadcast studio or the Web. Add the new technology standards of broadcast ENG delivery with the full studio capabilities of the GY-HD890 and this is by far the most innovative line of professional camcorders available today.”

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