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In my attempt to propel us forward to 2011 level use of the internet (from our current 2006 level) I’ve started the official Pro Video Instagram account. My user name is provideopdx, . Find me, follow me. I’ll try to keep some useful relevant photos up there. Mostly pics from events, shoots, and new gear that we get in to play with. If you want to see anything specific up there let me know. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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Professional Video Joins DVInfo Sponsor Family has long been one of the best on-line communities for video professionals. It is an endless source of information and it is organized in a way that encourages the user to use it more and more. Professional Video is proud to announce that we are now one of the official sponsors of You should see our banner on DVInfo with in the next couple of weeks and you’ll also see us participating actively in the user communities. We’ll be particularly focused on communities that revolve around Canon and Sony digital cinema equipment. We hope to see you in the forums.

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OMPA Classic only 5 Days Away, Now Featuring More 4k

Professional Video is sponsoring this years OMPA Classic fund raising event.  We will be bringing key manufacture Canon. They are co-sponsoring the fund raiser as well as demonstrating the industries leading technologies. We will have 4k production with Canon EOS C500 cameras, 4k acquisition featuring AJA Ki-Pro Quad, and 4k display with a 50″ 4k television. If you havn’t registered yet get to it. Click here for registry.


Professional Video Brings Canon to OMPA Classic

The OMPA Classic is a premier social event for Oregon media professionals.  Featuring croquet, golf, awards party with auctions, raffle, over 200 of Oregon’s media pros will be in attendance.  Professional Video has brought very special guest Canon to this years event.  There will also be music by Curtis Salgado.  The event is July 12th.  Sign up and participate.  Come see the latest Canon technology.  Come talk with a charming Professional Video consultant.  Come play some golf.  Click here for more info.  Post by Eric C. Petrie

Instagram Adds Video, How it Could Effect Video Pros

Instagram added support for sharing 15-second video clips yesterday, and the feature has been available in the App Store and Google Play for a few days now. Instagram has 130,000 million users. Enough videos were uploaded within the first eight hours of release that it would take you a year to watch them all. “At peak, Instagram users uploaded 40 hours of video per minute. The climactic moment came Thursday night as the Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs during the NBA Finals,” according to CNET. That’s a lot of video.

When it comes to us video pros we need to realize that there’s a reason clips are 15 seconds long. Instagram seemingly chose to go with a length that’s more than double Vine’s six seconds for a specific reason: ads. Video ads have already been in the works for Facebook, which owns Instagram, and 15 seconds is the exact format that a lot of big advertisers use for TV already.

An Instagram with 15-second videos is right in the sweet spot for Facebook: It’s mobile, it’s video, and at that length, it means that advertisers can drop in their short television spots without even modifying them. This is an important but overlooked feature of online video ads, when compared to other kinds like banner and search: the ability to re-use the same creative on which advertisers have already spent so much money. That’s an extremely appealing advantage to ad buyers.  Post By Eric C. Petrie