Hottest Holiday Deal: Freefly MoVI M5 w/ Free Hard Case & Remote

For a limited time I’m going to be offering the Freefly MoVI M5 special holiday bundle. This kit is the MoVI M5 system for $3995 but it also includes the hard shipping case and the second operator remote for FREE. Yes, thats right, the hard case and the remote for FREE!. You pay $3,995 and get about a thousand dollars of accessories. Plus we always provide 1 hour of training and set up, here in Portland, with any MoVI purchase.  There truly has never been a better time to buy a MoVI. Remember, I have a demo unit here on the shelf for you to try out. Buy it right here, right now. Post by Eric C. Petrie

M5 and Remote

M5 Case

Huge MoVI Price Drop

We have very exciting news. Over the last year Freefly has revolutionized the camera stabilization world with the MoVI series of products. Since then many competitors have jumped up and said “me too”. While the quality of the competition has ranged greatly they have been able to offer prices that are significantly cheaper then the MoVI products.

Although MoVI remains the clear leader for professional cinema production quality gimbal systems they know that it has become tough to justify being 2-3x more expensive then the alternatives. We’re extremely pleased to announce that Freefly has lowered the prices on the MoVI products. The MoVI M5 is now selling for $3,959. The MoVI M10 is now selling for $7,929. And the MoVI M15 is selling for $11,895.

Professional Video continues to be the Northwest leader for MoVI products. We are the only dealer in the region and we offer complementary training for all customers who purchase MoVI products. We also have an M10 demo model that you can put your hands on. Contact us to pre-arrange your demonstration. The rig does take a little bit of time to set up so we always like to have it arranged ahead of time. And finally we always encourage people to do evaluation rentals. You can take the M10 out for test spin on your own shoot and use it in your circumstances with your gear. After your test we’ll credit 100% of your rental to a potential purchase.


Pro Video: Your NW Exclusive MoVI Dealer

Professional Video is committed to being the Northwest number one premier digital cinema equipment dealer. We want you to know there is no reason you should ever have to buy film production equipment from New York or Los Angeles. Part of that commitment is bringing the Northwest the leading brands for the film industry. Freefly has revolutionized camera stabilization systems with the MoVI product line. They continue to build the very best brushless gimbal  stabilizers in the industry.

In February of 2014 we became the areas only MoVI dealer. So why buy MoVI from Professional Video? We promise we will never be beat on price. We will offer you the very best price on MoVI systems, guaranteed. With the purchase of a MoVI M10 system you will get 2 hours of professional hands-on set-up and training. The MoVI M5 includes 1 hour of set-up and training. This isn’t some crash course where a Pro Video employee reads the manual for you. This is a real-world functional set-up. Our Freefly certified operator sets your MoVI up to the exact specifications needed for your camera and then trains you based on his own real-world experience. You’ll know how to take the unit apart, put it back together, correct balance in the field, and how to utilize a tablet for maximum precision.

Another great reason to buy a MoVI from us, try it before you buy it. We are the only place in the Northwest where you can rent a MoVI and then apply 100% of a days rental fee towards the purchase of a MoVI. We want you to try it. Once you fall in love with the sleek smooth look you’ll want to take MoVI home.

Post by Eric C. Petrie

Movi m10 and m5