Panasonic VariCam LT Financing Options Now Available, 0% 90 Days No Payments

I’m excited to announce details on the Panasonic Financing options for the VariCam LT. This financing is through Panasonic’s own promotional financing program, ensuring that you’ll get very good rates. The financing options include:

12 months, 0% interest, 90 days payment deferred
With this program you will make 12 equal monthly payments but your first payment isn’t due for over 90 days. This is a great option to give yourself some time to put the camera to work before making that first payment.

24 months, 0% interest
24 equal monthly payments interest free.

36 months, 3.9% interest
Spread your payments out over 36 months to make that bill a little lower. 3.9% interest is still very competitive rate, even if its not as low as 0%.

Other details:
Any Panasonic brand item thats deemed an accessory to the camera can be bundled in at the same special low interest rate that the camera is on. If its Panasonic brand but not deemed an accessory, or if its another brand product you can still add it on to the financing but those items will be at the standard interest rate, averaging arpund 10% interest. This will not impact the VariCams promotional rate.

Some quick examples:
The body only, $16,500, over 24 months at 0% interest would be $687.50 per month.
The body only, $16,500, over 12 months (90 days payment free), at 0% interest would be $1,375 per month.
The body only, $16,500, over 36 months at 3.9% interest would be about $487 per month

I don’t have the Panasonic application up on my website yet but i will soon and will update this post as soon as it is. In the meantime, if you’re interested in applying, i can email you a .pdf of the application.

This is all very new and more details are coming every day. If you have any questions on VariCam packages, Panasonic Financing, or any video equipment please reach out and contact me. I’m still expecting my first batch of cameras sometime around the end of this month (March ’16) or the beginning of next (April ’16). I’m also taking $0 down pre-orders as well. Throw your name in the hat and be one of the first to receive this exciting new camera.

Panasonic VariCam

New Canon EOS C300 Options

Canon has continued to expand the different options for buying the EOS C300 digital cinema camera. Professional Video, Zacuto, and Canon have recently partnered together to create the C300 Recoil Package. The kit includes the full Z-Finder package the grip relocator, the C300/500 helmet, and more. In all the package adds up to over $2,500 worth of Zacuto accessories that transform the C300 into an ideal shoulder-mount run-and-gun camera, perfect for documentaries, ENG, or reality TV style productions. This kit includes the C300 body with the Dual-Pixel upgrade. The camera buy itself is valued at $14,499, the accessories valued at about $2500. This whole package is yours right now for $13,499 or $387 a month over 36 months.

Contact us for more details. 503-598-9142 or

Here are all your options for buying the Canon EOS C300.

C300 Packages

C300 (non-dual pixel) body only, normally $13,999, NOW $11,999

C300-DAF body only, normally $14,499, NOW $12,499

C300-DAF body Zacuto Recoil kit, normally $15,499, NOW $13,499

C300-DAF 24-70 f/2.8 L-series lens kit, normally $15,799, NOW $13,799

Financing Options

C300 (non-dual pixel) body only $344 a month

C300-DAF body only $358 a month

C300-DAF body Zacuto Recoil kit $387 a month

C300-DAF 24-70 f/2.8 L-series lens kit $395 a month

C300 Recoil back C300 Recoil side

Canon Shows Samples of C100 Dual-Pixel AF

Canon has already began offering the Dual-Pixel Autofocus upgrade to existing C100 owners. Soon Canon will start shipping the C100 with the Dual-Pixel AF pre-installed and ready to go. So whats the big hype? Why do people care? Pros don’t use autofocus, do they? After all, doesn’t video camera AF hunt around and struggle to lock on? And AF is usually so slow, isn’t it?

All of those questions relate to traditional video camera autofocus as we have known it for decades now. Canon aims to usher in a completely new realm of autofocus technology to the realm of professional video. I could go into detail of what it looks like, how it works, and what the benefits are. Instead i’m going to let a couple of video pros do it.

Philip Bloom recently got his hands on a Dual-Pixel C100 and has put together a great 7 minute video illustrating the pros, the cons, and (most importantly) how to maximize it to make it a useful professional feature. Watch the video here.

Here is another great sample video by event filmmaker Joe Simon. He shows the practical real-world appellation of the C100 Dual-Pixel AF and how it can benefit shooters in all circumstances. This video is about 9 minutes long.

Don’t underestimate this feature. This is not the AF of the past. This is something that is going to be useful in a huge variety of circumstances. Picture using this feature in combination with a jib, or a MoVI, or SteadiCam, or even a simple slider. This is something that, even if you’ve said you’ll never use AF, you’ll find a creative way to use it once it’s in your hands. Post by Eric C. Petrie

C100 Dual-Pixel AF