Pro Video Partners with Portlands Indie Cinema Academy

Local Northwest filmmakers Ryan Walters and Tim Park have started a new website aimed at sharing their 20+ years of filmmaking experience. You may have seen some of Ryan’s own blog work reposted on popular video industry websites such as No Film and Creative Planet. Now the duo is bringing you Indie Cinema .

Indie Cinema Academy delivers in depth camera & lighting training for anyone who desires a cinematic look for their projects. Ryan & Tim share the tricks of the trade that they’ve accumulated in their work on feature films, national commercials, and corporate videos. They have designed the curriculum to ensure that the training is applicable & accessible to all levels of production.

Indie Cinema Academy’s website contains a deep array of lessons and articles that take the form of video features or text instructions. Some of this content is completely free to the general public. To take your education further a minimal fee is requested of ether $119 or $149 (depending on what features you want) for 12 months of access.

Professional Video is a huge believer in the idea that  education is key to bringing creativity to its full potential. We know that by properly educating a customer on a piece of equipment the customer can then make the right gear-buying decision for themselves. And that is applicable on high-end equipment and entry level. Because of this belief in education we have partnered with Indie Cinema Academy to help spread the knowledge base a little further. Take a look at what Indie Cinema Academy had to offer. Sign up today and take your knowledge to the next level.

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Huge MoVI Price Drop

We have very exciting news. Over the last year Freefly has revolutionized the camera stabilization world with the MoVI series of products. Since then many competitors have jumped up and said “me too”. While the quality of the competition has ranged greatly they have been able to offer prices that are significantly cheaper then the MoVI products.

Although MoVI remains the clear leader for professional cinema production quality gimbal systems they know that it has become tough to justify being 2-3x more expensive then the alternatives. We’re extremely pleased to announce that Freefly has lowered the prices on the MoVI products. The MoVI M5 is now selling for $3,959. The MoVI M10 is now selling for $7,929. And the MoVI M15 is selling for $11,895.

Professional Video continues to be the Northwest leader for MoVI products. We are the only dealer in the region and we offer complementary training for all customers who purchase MoVI products. We also have an M10 demo model that you can put your hands on. Contact us to pre-arrange your demonstration. The rig does take a little bit of time to set up so we always like to have it arranged ahead of time. And finally we always encourage people to do evaluation rentals. You can take the M10 out for test spin on your own shoot and use it in your circumstances with your gear. After your test we’ll credit 100% of your rental to a potential purchase.


Pro Video Brings Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Educational Workshop to the Northwest

Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C., will bring his Illumination filmmakers workshop tour to Portland on October 30th, 2014. This highly anticipated tour is ideal for any filmmaker looking to gain industry experience while gaining invaluable knowledge from a cinematic pioneer.
If you haven’t heard of Shane, he’s an ASC member and has shot multimillion dollar blockbuster films such as Act of Valor, Drumline, Terminator: Salvation, The Rat Pack, and We Are Marshall.

For the Illumination Workshop, Shane will demonstrate his avant-garde approach to three-point lighting during an interactive live shoot which will teach students how to design, develop, enhance, and supplement the storytelling process with lighting, script analysis, storyboard preparation, lighting schematics, and shot lists. Students will have a chance to collaborate with Shane and receive guidance and feedback.

We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Shane on a few previous occasions. He’s a great presenter and has knowledge that any one, at any skill level, can benefit from. Shane bring’s a unique brand of energy to his presentation. We’ll be bringing out top manufacturers like Canon, Sony, Freefly MoVI, Redrock Micro, Zeiss, and more.

Register for the event here. You can read more about the event on the official Illumination tour website.


Free Training with Any Camera Purchase

We serve a huge range of customers. Some people we help know exactly what they want in a camera, they’ve used lots of different kinds, they just need to buy it and get shooting. Others have shot a certain way their whole careers, perhaps ENG style, and are now looking to mix it up with a digital cinema camera. They have a lot of experience but aren’t used to applying it to this different kind of technology. Some people we help are just starting into digital film making.

Regardless of where you are coming from or what your past experience is like Professional Video is always happy to offer free training with every single camera purchase. We’re always excited to help go through the initial set-up of the camera including pairing it with any accessories that you purchased with it like an external recorder, rod support system, or audio receivers. From there we can go over features like the external control of the camera, we can help dive through the menus and explain some of those mysteries deep down settings, and we can talk about when and where to use the cameras features to maximize it’s performance.

We exist to be a resource to you. We want you to be as successful and satisfied with your gear as possible. That way your overall experience buying new gear from us can be positive. If we can contribute in a small way, to enrich the new gear experience, we’ve served our purpose. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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