JVC Debutes New 4K Cinema Camera, Shipping March

At NAB 2014 JVC showed two new Super35mm 4K camera prototypes under glass. These were concepts that were said to be shipping before the end of 2014. Now, at the end of 2014 JVC has officially debuted two 4K cameras… to begin shipping in early spring of 2015. And they’re not quite the same 4K cameras we saw at NAB.

First, we have the JVC GY-LS300. This is most similar to the NAB unit, then called the GY-LSX2. The design is a very compact ENG-style camera body, similar to a JVC GY-HM150. The camera uses a Super35mm CMOS sensor of JVC’s own design. It can record 4K internally in a h.264 (mpeg4/AVC4K type) format. It’s Long-GOP, 4:2:0, 8-bit, maximum 150mbps. This is very similar to the codec that the Panasonic GH4 or HC-X1000 use. The JVC camera maxes out at 30p in 4K. The camera can also shoot 1080p in a 4:2:2 50mbps mpeg2 (XDCam422-type) format, up to 60p. The LS300 will be selling for $4,450

The camera uses a Micro Four Thirds lens mount, but not a Micro Four Thirds sensor. The intention behind using a M4/3rds mount was to allow the use of the wide range of 3rd party adapters that are already on the market. Obviously adapting to EF-mout, PL-mount, or F-mount from M4/3rds is very easy.

The second camera is described as having the same “back half” as the LS300, but with a 1/2 1CMOS sensor and an integrated 12x powered servo zoom lens. The lens is equivalent to a 30-355mm f/1.2-3.5 zoom. The camera is called the GY-HM200. The HM200 is scheduled to ship late February, 2015. The HM200 will be selling for $2995.

There were two other cameras shown. JVC is producing a model called the GY-HM170. The HM170 appears to be virtually identical to the HM200 with a few exceptions. It lacks the dual channel XLR audio input and it lacks certain I.P. control and streaming features that the HM200 has. There is a $500 price difference, with the HM170 coming in at $2495. Finally, at NAB ’14 JVC showed a larger, shoulder mount cinema camera with a 4K Super35mm sensor. That prototype was still on display at the recent Japan IBEE show. Now word on when that would come to market but JVC suggested that it would have a more robust codec and be targeted at a higher end market.

Professional Video has been an authorized JVC dealer for nearly 25 years. I’m very excited about these new JVC cameras. I’m glad to see the brand remaining relevant in the market. It’s always nice to see other players besides the Canon/Sony usual suspects. I’m taking pre-orders for all the new JVC cameras now. Contact me for more information, 503-598-9142, epetrie@provideoandtape.com .

Here’s the official JVC website for these new products. News Shooter.com has a brief interview with a JVC rep on the products.

Post by Eric C. Petrie

JVC w: Canon

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