Zacuto’s Next Gen Recoil Fully Explained

Zacuto has been working hard with a new line of products this year, a line we’ve seen snippets of throughout expo shows as earlier as NAB in April. All starting with their single universal baseplate, the next generation of recoil rigs caters for every camera from a Sony A7S to an Arri Amira. Professional Video is your Northwest leader for camera rigging systems. I personally been building 15mm based rail systems for cameras for nearly a decade. Need help setting up your new camera rig? Thats what I’m here for. Any time you need some assistance assembling your new rig let me know. I’ve done it so many times i can usually figure out a new rig very quickly. Free help setting up your rig, same prices as New York, how can you go wrong? Post by Eric C. Petrie


Zacuto Reveals Recoil Rigs for Sony FS7 CineAlta Camera

With this First Look video of the Sony FS7, Zacuto shows us how this camera can be used with the new Recoil system. Using just a few elements, you can turn your Sony FS7 into a Recoil rig that offers true balance and camera control for the cinema verite style set up. The camera is wonderful but it’s important to understand that when a shoulder pad is in the back you are holding the camera up, not operating a balanced camera. Moving the camera back causes some issues because you need to move the grip and EVF forward. Watch and see how we can solve these issues in various ways. Post by Eric C. Petrie


First Look at the Sony Fs7 from Zacuto from Zacuto on Vimeo.