Professional Video DSLR Trade-In Program

We are excited to announce our DSLR trade-in program. This program has been designed specifically to help people step up from DSLR shooting and into a cinema camera. Now through the end of the year we’re offering to take you’re DSLR off your hands in exchange for the purchase of a qualified cinema camera.

If you’ve got an EOS 5DmkIII we’ll give you $1,300 trade in cinema credit. For an EOS 5DmkII or an EOS 6D we’re offering $800 cinema credit. If you have an EOS 7D your cinema credit will be $500. Finally an EOS 60D will net you $300 cinema credit.

We’re accepting trade-ins for the direct purchase of a qualified cinema cameras from top manufactures.

*The trade-in credit on your cinema camera is not guaranteed. Camera must be deemed to be in resellable condition by Professional Video.

Check Out Our eBay Store for Huge Savings

We’ve got some super hot deals going on right now on our eBay store. The biggest deal is a brand new sealed in-box full warrantied Sony PMW-F3k 3-lens kit. This camera comes with the 85mm, 50mm, 35mm cinema lenses. We’re also throwing in a battery & a charger (Sony doesn’t include those in the camera package). This setup sells brand new for $18,000 we’re giving you a chance to nab it for $11,200. Why? It’s not a super popular model these days and we’re a small shop that can’t afford to have a big item like this collecting dust on our shelves.

We’ve also got a Sony Z7 camcorder, a Panasonic DVX100b, and a pair of ENG broadcast lenses listed. Visit our eBay store here.



Updated Fletcher Camera Chart

Cinema equipment rental company Fletcher has updated their camera comparison chart.  It’s not an overly scientific chart but it does make for an interesting quick look through the lens of a rental company at what the strengths of the major camera players in today’s world are.  Click here to see the full chart in higher detail.  Post by Eric C. Petrie

Killer Packages on Sony F3 & F5 Cameras

Pro Video has worked with Sony and put together some killer packages an great cameras.  On a Sony F3 get true 4:4:4 recording to the Convergent Design Gemini plus two 512GB cards to record to.  You also get the electronic EF lens adapter to use sweet Canon glass, and a great hard case to carry it all in.

The F5 gives you the high quality OLED viewfinder, the Canon lens adapter, 32GB SxS card, card reader, and hard case.

This is all for $0 and 0% financing.  post by Eric C. Petrie