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We’ve got some super hot deals going on right now on our eBay store. The biggest deal is a brand new sealed in-box full warrantied Sony PMW-F3k 3-lens kit. This camera comes with the 85mm, 50mm, 35mm cinema lenses. We’re also throwing in a battery & a charger (Sony doesn’t include those in the camera package). This setup sells brand new for $18,000 we’re giving you a chance to nab it for $11,200. Why? It’s not a super popular model these days and we’re a small shop that can’t afford to have a big item like this collecting dust on our shelves.

We’ve also got a Sony Z7 camcorder, a Panasonic DVX100b, and a pair of ENG broadcast lenses listed. Visit our eBay store here.



Great Deal on a Classic Camera

Lets try something. I’ve got a very gently used Panasonic DVX100b up for grabs. Thats right, the original 24p camera. Do miss the smell of fresh mini-DV tape? Nows your chance to re-capture the magic. Take it home today for $873. Thats $200-$300 cheaper then they go for on B&H. Contact me if you’re interested. . Theres only 1 left. – post by Eric C. Petrie