Blackmagic Pocket Camera Still In-Stock

We’ve already documented how Blackmagic Designed messed up and tricked everyone into thinking they could get a Pocket new for $500. A few lucky people out there did get in on the deal. Most people did not. Pockets were sold out nation wide with in 48 hours of the announcement. Then, about a week after the announcement, Blackmagic rescinded the promotion by saying “the promotion was only going to run till the end of August but the Pocket will be back ordered till October.”.

Through all of this Professional Video has had Pocket cameras in-stock and ready to go most of the time. These were cameras that were on our shelf before they were discounted. While we can’t make up for Blackmagic’s mistake and offer these cameras for $499 we can make people a good deal on them. We’re selling our last Pockets for $842. We’re also including 2x FREE batteries with the camera (3 total, including the in-box battery). These cameras are in very very limited supply. If you’re interests in a good deal on a Pocket that you can buy today this is your chance.

BMD Pocket

Huge Price Cut on BMD Pocket: Updated

In a shocking move we’ve cut the price of the Blackmagic Pocket camera in half. Thats right, literally 50% off the regular price. This brings it down to $489. Plus we’re including a free extra BMD battery with the camera (you’ve heard how it eats batteries). They’re in stock in Portland today. If you’ve been on the fence this should push you over the edge. It was already a leader in it’s class. No camera offers the features it does, in the form factor it has, at any where near this price. This is truly the Professional choice for a point and shoot camera. $489 plus a free BMD battery. Currently this offer extends to August 31st. Post by Eric C. Petrie

UPDATED July 28th, ‘14: Blackmagic has informed us that the promotion was far more popular then they anticipated. Due to the flood of orders they have now canceled this promotion. Although this does seem extremely odd and maybe a bit unfair we here at Professional Video don’t have any control over that element of it. You’ll find that all major reputable dealers have returned to $995 as the standard pricing. We have a very limited supply of pocket cameras on hand here in Portland. We’re selling them for $842 plus we’re throwing in an extra battery. We’re hearing from Blackmagic that it may be 6-8 weeks before we see any more of these cameras in the U.S. so get them while you can.

BMD Pocket

A Closer Look at the Blackmagic Pocket Camera

Okay, that’s it. You’ve had enough of highly compressed video codecs that crap out on detailed shots and make decent color grading a pipe dream. Now that Blackmagic’s $995 Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) is RAW-ready, isn’t it time to make the jump to higher bitrate video? Perhaps. The company’s latest pint-sized weapon does produce magnificent images using a downsized version of its first Cinema Camera sensor, yes. But it’s not quite as simple as laying down the money and raking in the 12-bit video. There are limitations to the camera itself, plus a steep learning curve and the likely need for further investment that could more than double the price of the camera. As you’ll see, whether it’s worth that depends completely on your needs and, particularly, your expectations. Keep reading the article here.


Turn Your BMD Pocket and Cinema 2K Cameras Into Super35mm Perspective Cameras

Metabones has become widely known for their unique perspective changing lens adapters. They already introduced adapters for Micro 4/3 cameras like the GH3, but now they’ve created new F-mount (Nikon style) Speed Boosters designed specifically for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera that make lenses on those bodies even faster and wider, and give the Super 16mm Pocket essentially a Super 35mm sensor.

The new 0.64xBMCC Speed Booster reduces the full-frame crop factor of the BMD Cinema from 2.39x to 1.53x, thus effectively transforming it into a Super-35 format cine camera. In addition, the speed of any attached lens is increased by 1 & 1/3 stops.

The new 0.58xBMPCC Speed booster is made specifically for the Pocket camera. It reduces the full-frame equivalent crop factor to 1.75x, not quite Super-35 format viewing angle, but close. In addition, the speed of any attached lens is increased by 1 & 2/3 stops.

These adapters are made only for F-mount lenses at the moment, so it will be interesting if we get either standard Micro 4/3 or Blackmagic-specific Micro 4/3 adapters for Canon lenses at some point in the future. The issue with a Canon adapter is that those lenses need power to change the iris, and there is apparently some trouble making this work reliably from the Micro 4/3 mount (and a powered adapter would only work with the active Micro 4/3 Pocket). The biggest differences between these new Blackmagic Speed Boosters and the regular MFT Speed Booster is that the Metabones team was able to put the rear element farther back into the camera since there is no shutter on the video-only cameras (whereas there is one on cameras like GH2 or GH3). That’s what allows these adapters to make the image even wider than before.

This kind of performance does come at a price. While the generic MFT adapter is $430, these are going to be $490 when they ship sometime this month (though the Pocket may take a little longer). Contact Professional Video and get your orders in now. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Metabones M4:3 chart Metabones Pocket

Blackmagic Pocket Camera In-Stock Every Day

After a slow launch, including some features that weren’t quite ready for game time, the Blackmagic Design Pocket is now shipping regularly. We have a demo model on the shelf ready for anyone to come on down and take a look at. Wondering if it’s the right camera for you? Take it out and try it. We do evaluations all the time for customers looking to make the right equipment decision. This amazing little camera offers things that nothing else on the market can claim. Does that mean it’s the right solution for you? Come find out!

If you’ve already decide you want to add one to your collection we’ve got them in-stock and ready to go. Call us at 503-598-9142 and ask us about our extra special BMD Pocket promotion. It will be worth your time to pick up the phone, we promise.


Black Friday Specials

We’re not a standard “store”. We’re not even really a store at all. But we are a place that sells stuff and people come to us to buy stuff. Black Friday has become a very serious holiday. It has become standard for business of all kind to celebrate Black Friday in some way. Since we’re not a typical store we’re going to do Black Friday a little differently.

Starting today and going through Friday, December 6th we’re going to be running our Black Friday specials. Here’s the list of our specials:

follow focus normally $269 NOW $166

shoulder stock support normally $119 NOW $56

23″ camera slider normally $139 NOW $79

47″ camera slider normally $199 now $123

mini condenser microphone normally $39 NOW $24

Canon XA20 ($2,195) or XA25 (2,695) cameras come with 2x 64GB SDHC memory cards and Canon CG800 charger. Total value of over $150 in extra gear.

Two light, fluorescent soft box kit with stands. Normally $249 NOW $133

Blackmagic Design Pocket camera Normally $995 NOW $942

There are no rain checks. When December 7th hits everything is back to regular price. All items listed above are estimated to deliver to you in 1-6 weeks. All Black Friday promo sales are final and non returnable.



Delkin SD Cards Qualified for BMD Pocket

At Professional Video we like to do business the old fashioned way, face to face and voice to voice. That goes for our customers and for the manufactures we deal with. When it comes to memory cards there are lots of brands. We could sell Sandisk like everyone else out there. Sandisk makes good cards. But we’d prefer to do business with a company that we can call on a moments notice and speak to a real human. That company is Delkin. Based in the USA Delkin makes some of the best cards out there. The Delkin cards are used by Canon’s support desk for the Cinema EOS camera line and the Delkin cards are one of the only cards qualified to work with the Blackmagic Design Pocket camera. That makes us super excited that a brand we believe in and have been selling for years also has the testing to prove they are the right choice for the professional video world. Post by Eric C. Petrie



A “Real World” Perspective On Blackmagic Pocket

The Blackmagic series of cameras, the Cinema, Pocket, and Production, have put no wrinkles in the camera world. Some people see them as creating a revolutionary and disruptive force that will push large manufactures to adapt. The video in this link is produced by Dave Dugdale. His website is called Learning DSLR Video. He is a self-proclaimed “advanced amateur”. His video on the Blackmagic Pocket is an interesting watch because he takes a very “every-man” approach to the camera with out getting overly analytical or technical.

The video primary focuses on the pros and cons when compared to shooting a 5DmkIII. But he also does some slight comparison to the Red Epic. There’s a few points to keep in mind. First, almost everything he says about the Pocket is equally applicable to the other Blackmagic cameras as they all run the same menu software. Second, even though he’s using the 5DmkIII, almost everything he says could be applied to any DSLR.

The basic summary of the video is that the Blackmagic cameras have huge downsides that need to be considered but there is a high potential upside. He talks about how he’s not a professional colorist and has yet to undergo any color training and because of this he was only able to get the image quality to match or exceed his 5D about 50% of the time. But when he was able to nail the color correction he could clearly exceed the 5D image quality. Other problems, his focus was off a fair amount because of the poor quality of the LCD combined with virtually no focus assist features. You can’t reformat cards in the camera so if you forget to format before the shoot you’re outta luck. You can’t delete files in the camera so you better not have any bad takes. The battery only lasts 45 minutes, he recomends buying 5-7 of them. At $40 each that’s $280 of batteries. The camera has a high frequency audio issue when using the internal mic.  There are no assignable buttons, nor any button control for ISO or white balance. Because ISO and white balance are menu driven you can’t be shooting and in real-time adjust those settings to see if they are correct. You have to dive into the menu, adjust, go back to the camera, and hope you got it right. There is no audio gain meters, the camera doesn’t display how much recording time is left on the card, and when you power off a lot of your settings are lost and returned to defaults. Watch the video here. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 10.23.25 AM