Info on C-Log3 Updated on Canon Digital Learning Center, Sample Video

Canon’s Digital Learning Center is a good resource to bookmark if you own or have interest in Canon products of any kind. Canon has updated it to include information on the latest firmware update for the C300mkII, including info on C-Log3. There are screen shots of some of the changes that have been made to the cameras systems. Take a look here.

C300mkII Menu Update











You can also watch a Canon-made C-Log3 sample video here.

As always let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to be a resource in any way that I can.

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Sony Announces Firmware Updates for Fs5, RAW Coming Soon

The Sony Fs5 has received a new free firmware 2.0 update. One of the key features is an auto Neutral Density filter function changes the strength of the electronically controlled variable N.D. filter. This is an excellent use of Sony’s amazing new electronic N.D. By adjusting the N.D. the user is allowed to adjust exposure without affecting aperture, shutter speed, or gain values. This translates to all elements of the image such as depth of field, motion blur, and noise, being unchanged while simultaneously adjusting exposure values of the image. Other additions include expanded zebra functions as well as GPS capability.

Ever since the camera was announced Sony has alluded to the coming capability of RAW recording. For those who wish to record RAW with the FS5 you must acquire the newly announced RAW upgrade option for 600 dollars, model number CBKZ-FS5RIF. This then allows, though the 3G-SDI connector, continuous output of DCI 4K 60p and up to 240p RAW in 1080p. If you have right recorder you can then record 12-bit RAW video or you can also choose to convert this to Apple ProRes for recording. This workflow has proved popular with FS7 users who pair the camera with the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+. Unlike the FS7 however, the FS5 has an extra trick. It can also record DCI 4K at up to 120 fps for up to 4 second bursts. It does this by using the internal cache recording function of the camera. The images are buffered in camera and then played out of the 3G-SDI port at a regular frame rate for recording, once image capture has finished. This system will be familiar to anyone who has the FS-Raw option on the FS700 which features the same ability. Both the free and the paid firmware updates will be available in June.

FS5 kit

Sony Intros F5/F55 Ver.5, ProRes, DNxHD

Sony has announced a December release for firmware version 5.0 for the PMW-F5 & F55 cameras. This is mostly a compatibility firmware updates. It brings compatibility with CBK-55BK “ENG Dock” device. You also need 5.0 installed in order to use the F5 4K unlock key. Firmware 5.0 will also be needed if you chose to install the upcoming codec board CBK-55PD. This board adds ProRes & DNxHD.

The new codec board adds several flavors of ProRes & DNxHD. Once the board is installed you will be able to record in-camera to the SxS card in ProRes HQ 422 10-bit, ProRes 422 10-bit, DNxHD 10-bit and DNxHD 8-bit. All of these codecs will be in 1920×1080 resolution. There is a planned firmware updates schedule for mid-2015 to add ProRes 444 12-bit, still in 1920×1080.

These codecs will add to the already very robust options these cameras offer. This includes XAVC 422 10-bit, HDCam SR 444 10-bit. XDCam 422, and RAW 16-bit.

All said, Sony has truly made good on their promise with the F5 & F55 that more features would continue to come down the pipe. The cameras haven’t been “outdated” even though they’ve been on the market for over 2 years now. By adding codecs, resolutions, frame rates and other features Sony keeps these cameras very relevant at their given price points. Compared to other manufacturers who simply slash the price of their old hardware with outdated features as a form of “adding value”. Schedule your F5 demo now. We absolutely GUARANTEE our CineAlta prices will not be beat, ever.

Link to Sony F5 & F55 firmware 5.0 page

F5 F55 firmware 5.0

F5 F55 ProRes and Avid DNxHD® codecs

Sony F55 bare body

Sony Enhances F5 & F55 Cameras

Although Sony hasn’t debuted a new cinema camera at this yeas NAB Show the have announced several new firmware and hardware upgrades for their existing F5 & F55 cameras. In many ways this strategy of continuing to offer a wide array of enhancements to existing products is a welcome breath of fresh air. Many companies have promised us “modular” cameras, “future proof” cameras, “upgradeable” cameras, yet year after year NAB is still crowded with new models driving people to feel as if investing in new gear is futile because of the compulsive need to not be “out of date”. Sony has continued to demonstrate a real interest in developing and fleshing out the F55 & F5 to meet the needs of any possible shooter.

The first big announcement was firmware 4.0 for these cameras. The heavy hitting features in version 4.0 are big enhancements to interval recording, the addition of cache pre-roll recording, and the addition of ProRes and DNxHD codecs. The importance of the addition of ProRes cannot be understated. Its significant on several levels. It marks the first time Sony has enlisted a 3rd party codec on one of their industrial level cameras. It furthers the concept that ProRes has really become the worlds first high end “universals standard” video format. It also shows that Sony is truly listening to user feedback, to the extent that they are doing what was previously considered impossible for them. 2 years ago when these cameras where introduced and the XAVC codec was introduced with them i knew Sony would never go to the extent of licensing a 3rd party format like ProRes. And now 2 years later here they are enabling ProRes on their cameras.

In the hardware department there were two notable announcements. Sony has introduced an interesting “sled” concept. The sled mounts to the bottom of the F5 & F55. It adds a shoulder pad and a new control layout. This layout essentially converts the bottom quarter of the camera into a layout that would be identical to what someone would find on an XDCam ENG camera. It also adds a slot-in wireless audio dock. The native control layout of the F5/F55 is similar to an Arri Alexa, it’s driven off of a screen/button combo thats on the side of the body. While this works well for cinema users it’s a very unfamiliar, unintuitive, and slow layout for news-style shooters who need critical function access with the flick of a switch. The second big hardware announcement is the ability to upgrade your F5 to an F55. It involves replacing a few components including the image sensor. Having that upgrade path available is an extremely nice option to allow customers to get into a camera today with a path set for the future

When you combine all of these exciting new features with some of the options that Sony already has for these cameras it becomes clear that Sony want to find a way to use these cameras in every possible scenario. Keep in mind Sony already has their own B4 mount adapter for these cameras to allow of ENG lenses to be used. And they already have a studio dock so that they can be used in live environments (think 4K sports). Post by Eric C. Petrie

F5 ENG back side

F5 ENG back]

F5 ENG sled front

F5 ENG sled side

Sony Releases Firmware 3.0 for F5 & F55

Sony has announced another great firmware update for the cameras that just keep getting more and more features. The F5 & F55 are now on firmware version 3.0. There is a whole list of great features. Some of the big ones include user LUT’s, and look profiles 3D LUT, Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lenses, New log curve and color gamut (S-Log3/S-Gamut3), XAVC QFHD recording (3840 x 2160), MPEGHD 1280x720p recording, Slow and Quick motion on XAVC 4K, XAVC QFHD and Center Scan mode, User definable clip naming, AES/EBU audio input.

For full details and the download follow this link. Professional Video is the only full-line Sony CineAlta dealer in the Northwest United States. The full compliment of CineAlta will be on hand at the 2014 Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th. Sign up now. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Atomos Updates Firmware for Blade

Atomos today released a new version of their AtomOS for the Samurai Blade external HD-SDI recorder. Version 5.1 focusses on screen color adjustments with controls for Gamma, Y Lift and Y Gain. Canon Cinema EOS users will benefit from a new on screen C-Log color display. A single button push allows the user to toggle between Rec. 709 and C-Log color. Atomos Spyder color calibration support has also been added to AtomOS 5.1. The Blade is the world’s first portable recorder to feature on-set screen color calibration. Featuring calibration Matrix and 1D LUTs. Also added is D-tap mode which gives a visual indication of when the recorder is running on AC power. This stops constant checking between batteries which has reportedly caused mic clicks due to earth loops in some camera situations. Hit the link to download the firmware.

Atomos screen

Canon C300 Firmware Update Available Now

After that false start where Canon released firmware for the C300 with a defect the real-deal is finally here. Tested and approved, this firmware update (version brings a lot of increadble features to the best-in-class camera. This includes functions like being able to move the focus-mag box around the screen, XDCam EX 35mbps 4:2:0 recording, and improved wireless capabilities. The biggest features are probably the ISO 80,000 recording, push auto iris, and one-shot push autofocus with a list of about 15 lenses.

Download the C300 firmware here and the C300PL firmware here. Also be sure to download the .pdf of the new updated instruction manual that includes these latest changes.

Canon Cinema EOS Firmware Update

Canon has begun releasing their highly anticipated Cinema EOS firmware update. If you own a C100, C300, C500, or 1DC keep your eyes on this website and check back frequently. The only camera with firmware that has been released is the EOS C100.

For some reason Canon hasn’t posted the C100 firmware on the official “Canon Cinema EOS Cameras Firmware” website. You can, however, find the latest C100 firmware on the C100 website here. Click the button that says “Drivers & Software” Then click the “Firmware” drop down menu. The current firmware is dated 11/13/13.

The EOS C300 actually had the firmware released but Canon pulled it because it was discovered that it tweaked some of the color profile settings creating inconsistent color reproduction under certain circumstances.


Sony Issues Firmware 2.0 Update for F5 & F55

Sony has announced another large firmware update for the PMW-F5 digital cinema camera. Lots of changes are coming and once again Sony’s surprising us with some previously unknown features.

1. High Frame Rate (HFR) Recording In case of XAVC 1920x1080P, you can select 120FPS HFR recording. And in case of RAW recording with AXR-R5, you can select 120FPS, 180FPS and 240FPS HFR 2KRAW recording with no windowing of image sensor. When recording HFR more than 120FPS, moiré might occur in high frequency areas of the picture. You can reduce moiré by attaching an optional CBK-55F2K Optical 2K Filter. When you would like to check which filter is attached, please push STATUS button and check Camera status screen.

2. Simultaneous recording XAVC HD and 2KRAW on 120FPS In case of RAW recording with AXR-R5 and selecting 120FPS, F55/F5 and R5 can simultaneously record XAVC HD on SxS Memory and 2KRAW on AXS Memory.

3. 24.0p system frequency 24.0p system frequency is supported on XAVC and RAW recording mode.

4. XAVC 2048x1080P XAVC 2048x1080P format is supported on F55/F5. Supported system frequency is the same as XAVC 1980x1080P.

5. Support Mount Adapter LA-FZB1/FZB2 LA-FZB1 and LA-FZB2 are supported. Two third inch lenses can be attached to F55/F5 and communicate information with F55/F5.

6. Direct setting items on the sub display are expanded You can set “Audio level control”, “Audio channel select” and “Time code setting” directly from the AU/TC button next to sub display. And you can control “All File Load” “Scene Recall” and “Lens Recall” directly from the FILE button. Additionally you can control “Color Bars”, “Auto White”, “Auto Black” and “SDI(Sub) Disp On/Off” from the CAMERA button page.2.

7. Additional displayed information on Sub display Audio level scale is displayed between CH2 and CH3 level meter. And Clip name is displayed between Time code and media remain. It displays recording clip name on recording, next clip name on stand-by and playing clip name on playback.

8. Control EI value and MLUT ON/OFF on Sub display On CineEI mode, you can control EI value (13 steps) and MLUT On/Off on Sub display.

9. S-Log2 is added as MLUT P4 S-Log2 is added for the selectable MLUT P4 on CineEI mode.

10. Waveform, Vector and Histogram monitor on VF and SDI OUT You can display Waveform, Vector and Histogram monitor on VF and Monitor out by the assignable button.

11. False Color function on DVF-EL100 and DVF-L700 False Color function helps users to adjust proper exposure easily and speedily. This function works on S-Log2 Gamma (Custom mode) or S-Log2 MLUT (Cine-EI mode) selected. When you press SPARE button on VF, 6 colors are displayed on VF. In order to use this function, DVF-EL100 and L700 need to be update V1.1 firmware which released today, 5 th of October, with SERVICE JIGs. Please ask sales or SONY SERVICE for updating. Please note that V1.1 of DVF-EL100 and DVF-L700 work with ONLY V2.0 of F55/F5. When you attach V1.1 of EL100 and L700 to V1.22 and earlier of F55/F5, you can see nothing on the VF.

Click here to read about all the changes.