The Guys in New York Agree with Us: Price Isn’t An Issue

About a week ago we published a blog titled “Can a local company compete?”. This was posted on our blog, social networking, and via our Gear-Mail newsletter. The point of the article was very simple. We want to make sure that our customers understand that price is not an issue when it comes to purchasing gear from Professional Video. We want people to know that we sell gear at the same price that you would find on B&H or any other authorized dealer. There is a very large misconception out there that small local shops have to be more expensive then the guys in L.A. or New York that sell you stuff through the internet. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with B&H or Abel Cine or whomever else. But when it comes to price don’t worry, we’ve got your back, we keep close tabs on the competition, we stay very competitive.

It appears the guys in New York agree. We were replied to via Twitter by a representative that stated “Price competition (is) leveled by auth(orized) distri(bution) MAP (minimum advertised price) & unilateral price rules. There’s more to great retail than price.”

So it would appear that we are in agreement. Partially because of programs set up by the manufactures price is not an issue. There is more to having a great resource to buy your equipment from then price. And we never charge a single cent more for being a great local resource. Please consider your local resources. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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