Buy a C500 with Canon Lenses & Save Big

Professional Video and Canon have teamed up to run some amazing promotions on the Canon C500. These promotions are designed to get you into a a full system with 4K recording, Canon glass, and of course the camera body.

Right now when you buy a Canon EOS C500 you get instant savings of $3,000 off the standard price, $25,999 is slashed to $22,999. Now throw a Canon cinema prime into the mix and you’re looking at another $1,000 off the camera body, bringing it down to $21,999. Plus we’re going to give you another $1,000 off of each prime lens, $2,000 off of each Canon compact zoom lens, and $3,000 off of each Canon large zoom lens you purchase.

But wait there’s more! If you put together a kit of 3 prime lenses we’re giving you an extra $900 as a bonus kit discount. A kit of 4 lenses gives you an extra $1,600 off as a kit discount. Finally a kit of 5 lenses gives you an extra $2,500 off as an extra kit discount.

With all of this sweet action on lenses what about the recorder? You’ve got to record you’re 4K onto something? When you buy a C500 and a qualified 4K recorder from AJA or Convergent Design we’re going to give you another $1,000 off the package price.

Lets draw up a scenario. Lets say you want a C500, a AJA Ki-Pro Quad, a 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm primes lenses. That would be a very nice set-up. George Lucas himself would be jealous. Normally that would be prices like this: $25,999, $3,695, $5,220, $4,950, $4,950 for a grand total of $44,814. With these promos your grand total would be $35,914, nearly $10k off! Now you’ll want to finance the whole thing with our 24 month 0% financing so you’ll be paying about $1,496 a month.

If you find these promos a bit head spinning we understand. Thats what we’re here for. Call us, please. Post by Eric C. Petrie .

A Comparison of 16 Different External Video Recorders

External video recorders have become a new catagory in the market over the last couple of years. Although portable video recording solutions have existed for a long time only recently has the technology become good enough to capture the attention of a lot of video producers. Now that we have recorders that are ultra small, deliver amazing quality, and, in many cases, also provide a monitor, people are now considering adding one of these to their arsenal. But there are so many to look at. Which one is the right one for you? What features are really important? Here is an interesting, slightly opinionated, article where 16 different video recorders from 7 different companies are compared.


4K For a Day Giveaway Winners

We’ve finally picked our winners of the 4K for a Day Giveaway contest. If you won you’ve been contacted by now. People who attended the Art of Visual Storytelling tour had the oppotunity to enter a drawing. The prize was the use of a Canon EOS C500 4k camera equipped with the AJA Ki-Pro Quad 4k recorder, a Canon cinema prime lens, and a full rod system with matte box and follow focus from Redrock Micro. This was all gear that Alex Buono featured during his workshop. The gear has a sales value of $40,000 and a single day rental rate of $900. Stay tuned to Professional Video news for more chances to win sweet prizes. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Art of Visual Storytelling Tour Seattle

After making the three hour haul north I attended the Alex Buono Art of Visual Storytelling tour. I was lucky, this was my second showing in four days. This time i was determined to pick up more the of the presentation and workshop. Professional Video and Canon stood arm in arm inside the presentation haul, which was a nice change of pace from the Portland show where sponsors had to be outside due to space. I also got to speak length with the team from Freefly (better known these days at Movi). They are based in Seattle and had a whole presentation of their own.

Getting a chance to take in the whole show was great. The people who put the show on must have said to themselves “How do we condense film school into 12 hours? If we were able to do so what kinds of informaiton would be key for people to know”. The day started off with a short bio of who Alex is and why he might be worth listening to. After the introduction we went into a conversation about basic technology terms that we would need to know as a knowledge foundation. This included talking about what resolution is, what color sampling is, what compression is, what a picture profile is, and looking at real world examples of how these technologies affect us as content creators. We then transitioned into the lighting workshop. We spent a few hours working on different kinds of lighting situations and learning different ways to tackle them. After the lighting workshop we transitioned back into a technology driven conversation. We talked about 4K, RAW video, different types of compression, different methods of acquiring footage. This was an in-depth conversation that included pre, production, and post considerations. We went over in-depth scenarios for post production workflow based on how you decide to acquire. Then the Movi workshop took place. Those guys took the stage for a while and we talked about the current state of camera movement technology. After that there was a DSLR specific workshop. Talking about how, when, and why a DSLR is the right choice. Of course the pros and cons of such choices were gone over. There was also a semi technical conversation about how to mitigate some of the DSLR limitations. After that was a strict cinematography conversation. Very in-depth. Starting with what elements go into creating a picture with a camera, shutter speed, aperture, lens focal length, image plane size, ISO, depth of field, perspective, and more. Alex spoke of why each of these elements must be considered and what impact the will have on your finished product. The night concluded with some good old fashioned film analysis. We took a look at the works of Wells, Kubrick, Wes Anderson, PT Anderson, Fincher, Tarantino, and more. We analyzed space, shapes, perspective, depth and more. It was a film geeks dream. Check out photos here. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Art of Visual Storytelling Tour Portland

I spent the day at the Art of Visual Storytelling Tour here in Portland. What an amazing show. It was so good to see over 100 local Portland area video professionals gather together to hone their skills. I saw people who where very new to the art, perhaps just starting with their first DSLR, all they way up to seasoned industry pros who where just hoping to pick up a few tips and tricks and here how another pro gets his goals accomplished. We were there showing off the Canon EOS C500+AJA Ki-Pro Quad rig. Lots of people were interested in that camera or other Canon cinema cameras. We had nearly half of the attendies enter our “4K for a Day Giveaway” contest.

I only had a chance to hear about half of Alex Buonos workshop. Of the parts i heard my favorite things Alex said where: 1)You probably don’t want to work in RAW. Unless you have tons of time and budget for post production the advantages for 90% of video professionals arn’t going to be worth the trade offs.  2)4k has a lot of advantages, especially in post production where you can crop in on, say, an interview subject that only gave you one good angle. BUT if you’re shooting this weeks TV spot don’t waste you’re time with 4k, it’s never going to make a difference.  3)Since we’ve already established that most people probably don’t want to be working with RAW files don’t hack your DSLR to get RAW. Most people that are considering hacking their DSLRs are doing so because they’re on a tight budget. If you hack your DSLR and it croaks do you have the budget to replace it half way through your production? Since an EOS C100 isn’t that much more then a 5DmkIII that wold be a much more stable and reliable way to go. If you intend on doing some more demanding post get a ProRes recorder like the Atomos Ninja. These were all statements made by Alex, not Professional Video.

I’m going to make it my goal to sit in on more of the workshop in 3 days in Seattle. Please take a look at some of our pictures here. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Canon C500 + Ki-Pro Quad 4k Recoder Ready For You

Professional Video is the only place in Portland were you can get your hands on Canon 4k recording right now. Sitting in our showroom is a Canon EOS C500 equipped with an AJA Ki-Pro Quad recorder. This combination gives you true 4k recording to ProRes format. It works remarkably well. We’ve had the privilege of taking it out and shooting several times. Are you just kinda curious what the set-up looks like? Come down and take a look. Are you considering a 4k upgrade in the near future? Do a full demonstration of the camera, shoot test footage, put it on our 4k display. Perhaps you’d like to do an evaluation in your own facility? Rent the camera and we’ll cred the whole rental back towards a potential purchase. 4k, the future is now. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Art of Storytelling Is Near: PVT Provides “4k for a Day Give-Away”

Alex Buono’s The Visual Art of Storytelling digital cinematography tour is almost here. Professional Video is a key sponsor of the event in Portland and Seattle. We’re the only full-line digital cinema equipment dealer in the Northwest. We’ll be at the event showing products like the Canon 4k C500, Redrock Micro support systems, Blackmagic Design Cinema cameras, and much more.

We’re also excited to announce the “4k for a Day Give-Away”. Throw your business card into the hat and win a free rental of the Canon EOS C500 complete with AJA Ki-Pro Quad 4k recorder and Canon cinema prime lens. This package has a sales value of $35,000 (must have liability insurance to qualify). A days rental would normally run about $900, including the lens. You can schedule this rental whenever you’d like. Just one more way we’re hoping to spice up the Visual Storytelling tour. Post by Eric C. Petrie



One Users Feedback on Canon C500 + AJA Ki-Pro Quad

The Canon EOS C500 is starting to fulfill its promise of 4k capture thanks to the emergence of recording decks. Canon & Professional Video have even teamed up and will give a $4,000 discount on any C500 and recorder package. Read one users feedback on how one of the most popular C500 configurations is working for him. We will have the EOS C500 and Ki-Pro Quad as well as a 4k display with us at the OMPA Classic. 4k is now. Post by Eric C. Petrie


OMPA Classic only 5 Days Away, Now Featuring More 4k

Professional Video is sponsoring this years OMPA Classic fund raising event.  We will be bringing key manufacture Canon. They are co-sponsoring the fund raiser as well as demonstrating the industries leading technologies. We will have 4k production with Canon EOS C500 cameras, 4k acquisition featuring AJA Ki-Pro Quad, and 4k display with a 50″ 4k television. If you havn’t registered yet get to it. Click here for registry.


Canon & PVT Announce Amazing C500 4k Savings

Canon has partnered with Professional Video in tax-free Portland Oregon on an exciting new savings opportunity designed to help you get to 4k acquisition a little cheaper. We are currently able to save you $3,000 on the purchase of a C500 4k digital cinema camera. The excitement doesn’t end there, it gets better. When you purchase your C500 with a 4k recorder you get a bonus $1,000 for a total of $4,000 savings. This all happens instantly at the time of purchase, no mail-in required. The qualified 4k recorders are the AJA Ki-Pro Quad, the Codex CDX-3600 or CDX-3601, the Convergent Design Odyssey7 or 7Q, or Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4. That means you can be recording 4k on proven and tested hardware for less then $26,000. The future is now! Don’t forget with our 0% $0 down 24 month financing this set-up will run you barely $1,000 a month.