Atomos Shoguns Are Now Shipping

I have great news. We’ve received our first batch of Atomos Shogun 7” monitor and 4K video recorders. This has been a very hotly anticipated product. It offers 4K recording via HDMI and 1080p recording up to 120 frames per second. It is a naturally perfect match for the Sony A7s as well as the Panasonic GH4.

My first wave of pre-order customers already have theirs in there hands. I have a few more pre-orders to fill and then I’ll have them on the shelf ready for sale or rental. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Shogun first batch

Sony XQD Cards In-Stock Can Mean Only One Thing….

Look what i got in-stock today. The newest generation of Sony’s XQD media cards are in stock on my shelf. Of course these media cards are required for the new Sony FS7 digital cinema camera. Now that i have the cards i just need a camera to put them in. The cameras should be in-stock soon. I’m still filling back orders… slowly. By the way, currently the price on the XQD cards are: $799 for a 128GB, $359 for a 64GB, and $165 for a 32GB. With the FS7 in 4K at 30p each minute of footage equals 3GB of data. So a 128GB card will give you about 45 minutes of footage. To pre-order your FS7 please email me at or call me at 503-598-9142 . Post by Eric C. Petrie

XQD in stock

Professional Video is now your Northwest Home for DJI Ronin

From the “better late then never” department I now officially have the DJI Ronin stabilization system in-stock. The Ronin offers an impressive payload capacity to the dollar ratio. It can handle weights up to about 15 pounds and only costs $2,999. You can rent it today for $300 a day or $300 for a Friday-Monday weekend. Plus I’ll credit the $300 towards a future purchase of a similar item.

I’m also the Northwest’s only MoVI dealer. The MoVI M5 was recently lowered in price to $3,995 and the M10 is only $7,995. The MoVI M10 rents for $500 for 1 day, including set-up and tutorial, and $400 for each day after that. As always, a days rental can be 100% credited towards a future purchase of a similar item. Post by Eric C. Petrie

dji ronin

Redrock Micro One Man Crew Motorized Slider In-Stock, Demo it Today

The Redrock Micro One Man Crew electronic slider has been a very hotly anticipated product around here. It was first teased about a year ago but the launch was pushed back. Then, at NAB 2014, RRM began to ship them more regularly. The demand was so high that they were chronically backordered for 4-6 weeks. That is, until recently. RRM has ramped up production to meet the demand. That means that we are now able to have one on our demo floor full time. We have the RRM One Man Crew motorized slider ready for your to evaluate today. Plus it’s in stock, ready for you to buy. We’re currently selling it for $1,485.

The RRM OMC is a parabolic slider. It features a slight curve in the track. Unlike a straight slider, the curve allows for the slider to move, completely unmanned, and keep the exact same distance from the subject though out the full range of the track. This means there is no need to pull focus during the move because your focus distance never changes. The motor is incredibly versatile. It run as fast as 12 seconds end-to-end, or as slow as 8 hours in the time laps mode. The track is 36” in length and can support a camera load of up to 20lbs. Come in and play with the One Man Crew today or take it out on an evaluation. Use it on your shoot in your circumstances with your camera. Its the best way to decide if a piece of gear is really going to work for you.


The New One Man Crew Motorized Parabolic Slider from Redrock Micro from Redrock Micro on Vimeo.

One Man Crew

Blackmagic Design Production 4K Camera In-Stock

We have the Blackmagic Design Production 4K camera in-stock and ready to ship. This is the camera you’ve been waiting for. 4K, ProRes, 10-bit, RAW, all below $3K. This camera is a DIY type of rig. When you purchas one of these you need to ask yourself a few question. What is your solution for audio? for handles to pick it up? for monitoring with a focus-level resolution monitor? for battery systems? We have all of these solutions. We’ve built up dozens of these camera systems. We know where you can save a little money on accessories and how to get the most bang for your buck. Post by Eric C. Petrie

03 Production 4K

Huge Price Drop BMD Cinema Camera Now $1,995

Today brings huge, if not slightly overdue, news. We are pleased to offer you 33% savings off of the Blackmagic Design Cinema camera. The original 2k recording camera is now being sold by Professional Video at $1,995. Now you can have 2k RAW recording for under $2k. 2k for $2k. We have these cameras in-stock and ready to go today.

Please keep in mind that this camera may be $1,995 but you can’t shoot with it when it comes out of the box. We have tons of experience helping customers make the most of the amazing image sensor in the box. Viewfinders, handles, lenses, batteries are all near must-haves before you’re ready to roll. Let our experience guide you. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Tilta_TT_BMC_07__51ef8b3e91c3d Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera-500x500


We’ve Got the Hot New XA20 In-Stock Ready to Go

Canon recently released the XA20, the successor to the very popular XA10. The XA20 picks right up where the previous model left off. It still has the same great 1080p 1/3″ CMOS sensor that produces incredibly detailed images, still has the handy detachable top handle with balanced 2-channel XLR inputs, and still has the accurate touch-screen focusing and exposure control. They’ve made some great changes based on user feedback. The HDMI port is now in a logical spot on the back-top instead of on the bottom. It has an incredible 20x lens that starts off very wide (3.6mm or 28mm equ.) and stays very bright (f/2.8 at long end). It now has a built-in lens cap, which seems silly until you try working with the old lens cap. They’ve added Wi-Fi for control and file transfer. Lastly it now features a maximum 35mbps second recording (instead of 24mbps). I remember 3 years ago you couldn’t get 35mbps for less then $4,000, now we’ve got it in the palm of our hands. This incredible little camera is in-stock at Professional Video now. Oh, one more thing. We’re including a free 32GB SDHC card for a very limited time.