Wrap Up “Out of Order Tour” Post Production Workshop

We had a great time supporting the “Out of Order Tour” with Ross Hockrow. Ross lead the group on a journey of discovery of why we edit the way we do. We learned editing theory, editing mechanics and how to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Plus we gave away some sweet Canon lens look-alike coffee mugs to some lucky audience members. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Get Familiar with Changes in Premiere Pro CC Quickly

When you upgrade to the latest version of your favorite NLE, it can get pretty frustrating not being able to move as quickly or efficiently as you did before simply because you’re not as familiar with it as you might like to be. I had this experience recently while cutting together a fresh version of my cinematography reel in Premiere Pro CC, and quite frankly it made me a little angry that simple functions weren’t working as they had previously. However, I found an excellent tutorial that has everything you’ll ever need to know about the new features in Premiere.

So, I went to add a transition to a video track with my nifty keyboard shortcut, and low and behold, the transition ended up somewhere entirely different from where I wanted it. A couple of tries and ctrl z’s later, I realized that the new version of Premiere emphasizes clip selection over where the playhead is when adding transitions.

It got me thinking, how well do I really know the new version of Premiere?

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