Adding Depth to Your Shots Beyond f/1.8

Shallow depth of field has now become a staple tool in video cinematography. Gone are the days where we have to struggle or use elaborate rigs to create shallow depth of field. Film cinematographers know that adding depth to your shot goes beyond shallow depth of field. After all they’ve had access to DOF control since day 1. How do we go past using f/1.8 to create depth? Since we shoot on a 2D plane, creating the illusion of depth is an important aspect of cinematography. Sometimes a few blocking choices, like filming your subjects against walls, can (not always) make a scene look flat and uninteresting. So, let’s take a look at what gives a scene depth, and if there’s a lack thereof, what options you have to bring your subjects from the dark and boring abyss of the background.

The thing I love about the art of cinematography is that there are no hard and fast rules about how to shoot a beautiful shot. But, there are conventions that work well to create aesthetic energy and depth to your shot. Here is an excellent video that shows you a few ways to do just that.  Post by Eric C. Petrie