Fujinon Announces Lower Priced Super35mm Cine Servo Motor Zoom 20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio Lens

Fuji has announced that they will introduce the Super35mm Fujinon Premier 20-120mm Cabrio XK powered servo motor zoom lens at NAB. The new lens features a constant T3.5 aperture throughout the entire zoom range and, like other Cabrio lenses, comes with a detachable servo drive unit similar to those seen on traditional ENG broadcast lenses. It also has a 200 degree focus rotation, 9 iris blades and a minimum focus distance of 1.1 m, 3′ 7″. The 20-120mm weighs in at 6.39lb. Fujinon are aiming the lens squarely at the growing number of owner/operators who are making the transition from ENG 2/3″ sensor based cameras to Super 35mm digital cinema cameras such as the Sony F5/55, Canon C300 Mark II, Panasonic Varicam LT and the ARRI Amira. With a lot of broadcast television series making the move to digital cinema cameras there has been a growing need for ENG style Super 35mm lenses that feel more familiar to operators making the transition and are quick to operate. LDS and /i Tech metadata compatibility are very useful when you need to record the position information of zoom, iris, and focus for computer animation and similar post production operations. The digital servo on this lens has 16-bit encoding, so operators can be assured that the lens data outputs are extremely accurate. The lens is set to start shipping in June of this year.

Cabrio 20-120

What Effect Can Your Lens Have on the Look of Your Video?

Lenses are often one of the more subtle choices that the cinematographer makes when determining the look of a film. Usually things like camera (or film stock) and lighting take precedence over lenses. However, what many people don’t realize is just how powerful an effect certain lenses can have on the final image of a film, no matter how subtle or subconsciously appealing the look may be. Cooke lenses, for example, are known worldwide for their distinctive look. But what exactly is the “Cooke look”? Where does it come from, and why would you want it on your next project? Stick with us to find out:


Recapping Sony F5 & Fujinon Cabrio Exhibition

A big thanks to all the people that came out to see the Sony PMW-F5 cinema camera with the awesome Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T1.9 cinema lens with servo zoom motor. We gave away literally thousands of dollars in discounts on Sony cinema products. Of course we also gave a way a fair amount of pizza and beer as well. Check out some of our photos here. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Lens camera

Special Exhibition: Sony 4k & Fujinon Cabrio Lens: $500 Incentive

Professional Video is excited to have arranged a unique showing of the PMW-F5 camera in our demo room. See Sony’s 4k-ready cinema camera displayed with the awesome Fujinon 19-90mm T/2.9 Cabrio lens… and we’re going to pay you $500 to come and check them out.

The Sony PMW-F5 has quickly become one of the best options for cinematographers looking for a high quality acquisition tool that gives them a 1080p deliverable product captured in camera but also offers the flexability of becoming a 4k RAW recording machine.

The Fujinon 19-90mm T/2.9 Cabrio lens is truly the best of both worlds. It comes with an electronic servo motor that provides the speed and flexibility of an ENG broadcast lens. The motor can be removed and the lens will function completely mechanically. It has hot-connectors that support Arri and Cooke data connections. The imaging circle covers a 31.5mm area allowing compatibility with nearly all common cinema cameras. This $38,000 lens is the ultimate choice for ENG flexibility with cinema quality.

Lunch, dinner, snacks, & drinks will be provided. We know your time is valuable and can’t be bought with food and drinks alone. So we’re hoping to buy it for $500. Everyone that attends this showcase will be given a coupon for an instant $500 savings on select Sony digital cinema products. Thats a $500 credit that you can stick in your pocket and walk away with. When the time is right put that $500 towards the purchase of qualified Sony cinema products.

Show times in our demo room will be Tuesday July 30th, 3pm-7pm and Wednesday July 31st, 10am-2pm. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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