We’ll Take Care of Your 1DC Firmware Upgrade

Canon has begun to install firmware 1.2 onto Canon 1DC cameras. This is a great upgrade that adds 25fps PAL recording, fixes some errors when using an external HDMI recorder, and fixes an exposure issue with Auto Lighting Optimizer. Unfortunately this is not a user installable upgrade, your camera needs to be shipped to Canon. Pro Video is offering FREE shipping of your camera down to Canon if you purchased it with us. Thats right, if you got your 1DC here just bring it by, we’ll take care of boxing it up and sending it out. A nice benefit of having a local dealer. – Post by Eric Petrie

Canon Expands Discounts on Cinema Lenses

This goes official on June 1st but you heard it here first. Canon is announcing an expansion to their cinema lens rewards program. Buy a set of any 3 prime lenses and get $2,400 off, a set of 4 lenses gets you $3,600 off, and a set of 5 lenses gets you $5,000 off (or buy 4 get 1 free). Remember Canon 0% financing over 24 months. That means 3 lenses would average $525 a month. -Post by Eric Petrie

Cinema Primes