Cascade Mt. Video Show is Only 3 Weeks Away

It’s time for the Cascade Mt. Video Show. The show is on February 26th. This will be the 14th annual year Professional Video has put on this event. The Cascade Mt. Video Show is the Northwest’s largest video equipment trade show. Over the years it has also become an educational opportunity hosting workshops that focus on technique as much as technology. It also is one of the largest gatherings of Northwest media professionals of the year with over 400 people attending.

This year we have over 25 industry leading manufacture that will be present. These include Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Blackmagic Design, Zeiss, Wooden Camera, Manfrotto, Sachtler, Vinten, Anton Bauer, Lite Panels, and many more. In our camera circle we’ll have over 30 cameras all side by side.

Our workshops this year will cover topics such as modern event filmmaking, choosing the right camera and lens for your production, documentary pre-production planning, using the MoVi stabilization system, 4K workflow from pre though post production, computer generated virtual sets, and sneak peaks as future products coming at NAB. Workshop presenters will be local Portland production company Still Motion, MHCC Integrated Media, Canon, Sony, Ross, Picture This Production Service, Sony, Ross, and Panasonic.

For people who work in broadcast television we’re extremely excited to bring you a full featured Augmented Reality System demonstration from Ross Video Systems. This includes synchronized and timed cameras complete with 3D rendered graphics.

For people who work in commercial and cinema we’re thrilled to be able to host Sony’s CineAlta cinema workflow training course. This is a condensed version of the same training they offer at their Hollywood facility. It includes preparation for the coming 4K future.

Register now for the Cascade Mt. Video Show. The show is on February 26th. When you register for the show you will be entered to win a GoPro camera kit as well as securing your free show admission.

The Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th is only possible because a local company makes the arrangements with all of these manufacturers to get them together at the same time and same place. Please support the Cascade Mt. Video Show by purchasing with Professional Video. Register for CMVS ’14 now.

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Canon Cinema EOS C100 & C500 Lower Prices, Financing Continues

In partnership with Canon we’ve lowered the price on top performing Cinema EOS camera again. Right now the Canon EOS C100 cinema camera is going for four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. The 4K ready C500 cinema camera is going for nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars. These cameras share the same front end image pipe. They have the same Super35mm CMOS sensor and the same DSP. Perhaps the best part of all of this is that our 0% $0 down financing offer has been continued. Right now we can help you get a C100 for $199 a month for 24 months. The application is easy and we usually have results with in 24 hours. Now shooting in 4K RAW with the C500 is easier then ever thanks to the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q. We’ve already put a few 7Q units into customers hands. Let us show you how it makes 4K a reality right now.


Coming Soon: Canon C100 Continuous Tracking Autofocus

Next month Canon will begin offering their factory-installed sensor enhancement. One of the biggest changes for users moving from traditional video cameras like a Canon XF300 or a Panasonic HVX200 is the lack of continuous autofocus. Cinema cameras like the C100 typically offer ether no autofocus at all or limited one-shot push-button autofocus. This will be one of the first professional cinema cameras to offer real-time autofocus. While most pros would agree that they prefer to focus manually there certainly are circumstances where reliable autofocus is extremely helpful. The enhancement process is a paid upgrade. After purchasing your C100 camera from Professional Video you will pay Canon directly $500 and send the camera to them for the process. Professional Video will have a demo model with this enhancement done to it on the demo floor for you to try as soon as the upgrade is available. To read more about the update click here. Post by Eric C. Petrie


Sony PXW-Z100: The 4K Revolution is Now

We have the Sony PXW-Z100 4K ENG hand-held broadcast camera in-stock and ready to go. Wondering if this is the right camera for you? We’ve got a demo model. Come down and play with it. Arrange and out-of-office evaluation and shoot with the camera in your circumstances. Why do we call this a revolution? Imagine you’re shooting a reality-style TV show or a run and gun documentary for eventual 1080p release. If you’ve captured with this 4K 60p 10-bit 4:2:2 camera you have so much extra data to work with that you can zoom, crop, stabilize, and create whole new cut-away angles and still have plenty of resolution and data to create an acceptable image. Don’t want to shoot in 4K? No problem. What about 1080p at 60fps 10-bit 4:2:2 on a 1/2″ CMOS sensor with a 20x powered servo zoom lens. All of this power in a hand held camera. Oh, and we’re throwing in a 32GB XQD card for free for a limited time. Take a look at it in our office today or see it next to 30 other cameras at the Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th.


Workshops at Cascade Mt. Video Show ’14

This years CMVS will feature some great hands on workshops. The final schedule is yet to be made but here is a sneak peak at what the rundown will look like. CMVS is on February 26th. Register Now.

Still Motion: Portland Production company Still Motion has helped reinvent modern event filmmaking. They’ve also just completed a feature length documentary that is touring the country and getting a lot of early praise. Still Motion will be leading us in learning about modern event filmmaking, what makes it different then event coverage of the past, and how do we use today’s tools to maximize this emerging style. Still Motion will also be leading us in another workshop regarding the tools of todays trade. When is the right time to use a DSLR compared to a full featured cinema camera? What about traditional video cameras? How do you chose the right lenses for your shoot?

MHCC Integrated Media: The nature of digital production is that we tend to run and gun which can leave gapping holes when you sit down to edit. MHCC Integrated Media has a very simple system that saves you time on the set and heartache in post. We’re not going to talk scripts, though those are a good idea, this is a way to make the best use of location scouts and production planing to schedule your shoot.

Picture This Production Services: Picture This is one of the only places in town where you can rent the revolutionary MoVi camera support system. The MoVi is designed to give unprecedented stabilization to the camera operator with out having to go through extensive training. Get your hands on a MoVi. It might be the best choice for your next project.

Sony Digital Cinema Training: Sony is transplanting one of their Hollywood cinema training course and bringing it to CMVS. This is the very same certification they provide to Hollywood shooters looking to familiarize themselves with the Sony CineAlta system. Amongst the topics will be 4K workflow from pre to post production and why, even if you’re not shooting 4K today, you need to know this stuff.

Ross Video Systems: Augmented Reality is the next step in studio style television production. Augmented Reality Systems technology has been around for a year or two on ultra high end network sets but now Ross Video is making systems that can be implement in our local TV stations. Experience a full fledged Augmented Reality System completed with robotic synchronized camera movements and floating virtual set piece.

Panasonic: We are going to get an early sneak peak at some of the new technologies that Panasonic will be unveiling at NAB 2014. Most of the time manufactures keep a tight lid on this stuff. The CMVS audience is very lucky to get a glimpse into the future of Panasonic broadcast and how we all might be able to benefit from it.

For free show admission and a chance to win a GoPro camera kit REGISTER NOW. CMVS ’14 is on February 26th.

Sony FS700+CD Odyssey 7Q: RAW 12-Bit 2K 240fps

The Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q has started to ship. It’s still in the early days of this unit being on the market but it’s safe to say there is a lot of potential with this device. One of the most exciting aspects is the full realization of the potential of the Sony FS700 camera. You might be in a position where 4K acquisition doesn’t hold much appeal right now. Thats’ alright, we understand that. What about something that has a lot of practical use today: 12-bit RAW 2K up to 240fps. Thats right, by utilizing the Odyssey 7Q you’ve now made the FS700 an ultra high quality, high speed, beyond HD capture device. Professional Video is the only full-line Sony CineAlta dealer in the Northwest. Right now we have both the FS700 and Odyssey 7Q on our demo floor. Plus you can see Sony and Convergent Design in person and speak to factory reps at the Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th. Register Now. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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Ross Video Production Technologies Brings Augments Reality Systems to CMVS

Ross, a worldwide leader in broadcast television production switchers, controls, and C.G. is bringing one of their state of the art Augmented Reality Systems to CMVS this year. Ross and Unreel offer a complete Plug-and-Play low-cost solution that delivers network-quality augmented-reality graphics integrated seamlessly into any broadcast environment with no green screen required. The solution is pre-configured so the broadcaster can be on-air on completion of commissioning with the opportunity for new ad revenue.

If you are a broadcaster this is an incredible opportunity to see first-hand the power of a full Augmented Reality System in action. Register for the Cascade Mt. Video Show now for free admission. The show is on February 26th. For more information on Ross Augmented Reality Systems click here.

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Get $50 for 3 Minutes of Your Time

Take our customer feedback survey. It’s short, 10 multiple choice questions. It will take less then 3 minutes. When you’re done take a screen shot (command+shift+3 Mac, Windows instructions) and email the screen shot to . I’ll send you $50 of store credit. Click here to take the survey. It’s that easy. We need your feedback. Please, take the survey. Then register for the Cascade Mt. Video Show on February 26th.

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Cadrage is an Amazing Directors Viewfinder App

Cadrage is a new viewfinder app for iPhone/iPad and Android phones that enables you to preview shots more conveniently and very accurately with all the indie cameras we like. Cadrage comes from the startup company distant blue. You might have been using a director’s viewfinder app to plan your shots before. I’ve had several on my phone since they came out, because they are very useful when it comes to location scouting, choosing lenses and previewing a scene quickly. Basically they use your iPhone camera and digital zoom to accurately preview a certain lens/sensor combination and help you find the right focal length to get your shot. The nice thing about the Cadrage app is that all the cameras we know and love are included and the design / ergonomics finally fulfill a certain standard. Additionally there’s a function to effectively calibrate your phones camera to deliver perfect results. It sells for $11.