Final Days of 0% Financing on Cinema EOS

The ride is finally over. After a very successful run the plug is being pulled on the 0% financing option on Canon Cinema EOS products. These are the final days. The program ends on June 30th but, since we recommend allowing 24 hours to process, you should have your applications turned in no later then Friday June 27th.

What exactly is this financing program? It’s simple, really. We are providing 0% financing over a 24 month period for all products that fall under the Cinema EOS banner. This includes the EOS C100 & C100-DAF kits, the C300, C500, 1Dc, all cine primes, and the cine zoom lenses.

How do you get in on this offer? Fill out the brief credit application, it should take less then 5 minutes. Send it back to us and we’ll have it through the credit process in less then 24 hours. After that simply sign the lease, agreeing to make your payments, and the gear is yours.

We have a very high success rate with credit approvals. You can bundle 3rd party (non Canon) or Canon non-Cinema EOS products onto the lease but that gear will have an interest rate between 5-10%. This is technically a lease, which means at the end of the lease Canon owns the gear again. But they offer whats called a “$1 buy out”. This simply means that they’ll sell all the gear back to you for $1 at the end of the program.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been on the fence about a piece of Cinema EOS gear now is the time to act. Contact us now, get the credit application done, ask us about our other special offers for customers who do the financing, and get gear in your hands right away.

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Canon Cinema EOS Financing Cost Breakdown

The Canon Cinema EOS 0% financing is ending in a few days, on June 30th. Your application needs to be submitted to us by June 27th. Here are the basic monthly costs you’ll be looking at for the Cinema EOS gear over a 24 month period at 0% interest.

EOS C100-DAF body only – $$229 a month

EOS C100-DAF + 24-105mm f/4 L-seris lens – $249 a month

EOS C100 + 16-35mm f/2.8 L, 24-70mm f/2.8 L, 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lenses – $416 a month

EOS C300 body only – $583 a month

EOS C500 body only – $833 a month

EOS 1Dc body only – $416 a month

35mm CNE cine prime – $206 a month

50mm CNE cine prime – $206 a month

85mm CNE cine prime – $206 a month

135mm CNE cine prime – $206 a month

14mm CNE cine prime – $217 a month

24mm CNE cine prime – $217 a month

30-300mm CNE cine zoom – $1,860 a moth

14.5-60mm CNE cine zoom – $1,781 a month

15.5-47mm CNE cine zoom – 994 a month

30-105mm CNE cine zoom – $994 a month

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Pro Video: Your NW Exclusive MoVI Dealer

Professional Video is committed to being the Northwest number one premier digital cinema equipment dealer. We want you to know there is no reason you should ever have to buy film production equipment from New York or Los Angeles. Part of that commitment is bringing the Northwest the leading brands for the film industry. Freefly has revolutionized camera stabilization systems with the MoVI product line. They continue to build the very best brushless gimbal  stabilizers in the industry.

In February of 2014 we became the areas only MoVI dealer. So why buy MoVI from Professional Video? We promise we will never be beat on price. We will offer you the very best price on MoVI systems, guaranteed. With the purchase of a MoVI M10 system you will get 2 hours of professional hands-on set-up and training. The MoVI M5 includes 1 hour of set-up and training. This isn’t some crash course where a Pro Video employee reads the manual for you. This is a real-world functional set-up. Our Freefly certified operator sets your MoVI up to the exact specifications needed for your camera and then trains you based on his own real-world experience. You’ll know how to take the unit apart, put it back together, correct balance in the field, and how to utilize a tablet for maximum precision.

Another great reason to buy a MoVI from us, try it before you buy it. We are the only place in the Northwest where you can rent a MoVI and then apply 100% of a days rental fee towards the purchase of a MoVI. We want you to try it. Once you fall in love with the sleek smooth look you’ll want to take MoVI home.

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SmallHD Comes to the Northwest

Beginning with the DSLR filmmaking revolution of 2008 it was clear that one monitor brand truly “got it”. They understood what independent filmmakers were looking for in a screen. Since that time SmallHD has become the leader for compact field production monitors at nearly every production level. Their line of screens starts at only a few hundred dollars and delivers quality unheard of only a few years ago. SmallHD also offers screens that sell for several thousand dollars and are leading the industry in key features like daylight visibility, on-screen scopes, and built in Look Up Tables (or LUTs).

Professional Video is excited to announce that the Northwest production community finally has a local source for these excellent screens. We are now a full line SmallHD dealer. We have in-stock today both the AC7 and DP7 screens, including accessories like battery plates and sun hoods. To kick off our partnership with SmallHD we’re offering a special promo with the purchase of a SmallHD screen. Give us a call at 503-598-9142 or send us an email at to get all the promo details. Has a new field monitor been on your production wish list? Come on down to our shop, check out one of these awesome LCDs in person and demo them before you buy.

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Do a Rental Evaluation Before You Buy

We always want customers to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to production equipment. That’s the very basis of our business. It doesn’t do us any good to sell you the wrong equipment. Something we always encourage people to do is try it before you buy it. What better way to tell if a camera, lens, light, or stabilizer is going to be the right fit then actually trying it in your circumstances. This is something we’ve done for years.

Here’s how it works. You’re interested in that hot new Canon C100-DAF. But you have some questions about how it will work in your circumstances. No problem. Rent it for the weekend and try it our. Weekends only run 1 days rental charge. When you come back you’ll know if its the right fit. If it is we’ll simply apply 100% of the rental cost towards the purchase. Don’t worry, this goes for like-items as well. If you rent the C100 and, based on that rental, decide that the Sony FS700 will be a better fit for you we’ll just apply the C100 rental towards the Sony purchase. This is good for up to 60 days after your rental.

We do believe that a single day is long enough for an evaluation for if you have a 5 day rental for a camera and you decide to purchase a month after the rental we’re happy to apply a single days value towards the purchase. If we don’t have what you’re hoping to try on the shelf let us know. There’s a good chance we can get in whatever it is you want to test. Call or email us if you have more questions about trying gear before you buy it.

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Sony A7s: Now Taking Pre-Orders

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be selling the forthcoming Sony A7s 4K photo-full-frame SLR-type camera. This is a very exciting new camera that, while technically not an SLR, features a full frame sensor capable of extreme low light capture. The camera has a max ISO in video mode of 409,600. That number is crazy big. To put it in perspective thats about 5x more sensitive then the class-leading Canon EOS C100. Sony has custom designed this sensor to offer premium video quality at 4K resolution. Because it is only a 12 mega pixel sensor it has virtually no aliasing effect when shooting in 4K. The relative low pixel count (compared to many 24+ mega pixels DSLRs) and the sensors large surface area allow all the photo sites to be bigger. Thus it is more sensitive in low light and picks up more detail on every pixel.

The A7s does not record 4K internally. Rather, it has already been shown featuring the Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI recorder. Atomos and Sony partnered early in the development process so that these tools would fit together naturally. The A7s also features an optional XLR module that can provide 2-channel balanced phantom power audio with hard gain control.

We are currently taking pre-orders for the A7s and the Atomos Shogun. The A7s will sell for $2,498 body only. The Atomos Shogun will sell for $1,989. To pre order with us give us a call at 503-780-6293 or send us an email at . It’s also worth noting that we will not only be caring the A7s but also the full line of pro Sony A-series and E-series SLR bodies and lenses.

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Directing Motion Attendee Coupon

We were very excited to bring Vincent Laforet’s “Directing Motion” workshop tour through the Northwest, with stops in Portland and Seattle. If you were a registered attendee of the Directing Motion tour we want to offer you a very special promotion. Right now through the end of August we’re offering you up to $500 off of your next order. Simply download this coupon Directing Motion coupon and save 5% off of any purchase with us up to a $500 savings. You must have been a registered attendee of ether the Portland or Seattle Directing Motion show sot use this coupon. This is our way of saying “Thank you” for attending this great workshop. We also want to make sure that we’re able to continue to bring great events like this to the Northwest by encouraging you to support local business.

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Directing Motion coupon


Vincent Laforet Directing Motion Tour Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Directing Motion tour in both Portland and Seattle. It was a great event. Professional Video was the official equipment sponsor for the Northwest stops. We brought out great manufacturers like Atomos, Freefly MoVI, and Canon. The event was full of critical film analysis. It also featured opportunities for audience members to crew several scenes and to watch a reenactment of how a scene from a modern network drama is shot. Please keep in mind that fantastic events like these are only possible with the support of local companies like Professional Video. We’ll have photos from the event on our Flickr page soon.

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