Huge Price Cut on BMD Pocket: Updated

In a shocking move we’ve cut the price of the Blackmagic Pocket camera in half. Thats right, literally 50% off the regular price. This brings it down to $489. Plus we’re including a free extra BMD battery with the camera (you’ve heard how it eats batteries). They’re in stock in Portland today. If you’ve been on the fence this should push you over the edge. It was already a leader in it’s class. No camera offers the features it does, in the form factor it has, at any where near this price. This is truly the Professional choice for a point and shoot camera. $489 plus a free BMD battery. Currently this offer extends to August 31st. Post by Eric C. Petrie

UPDATED July 28th, ‘14: Blackmagic has informed us that the promotion was far more popular then they anticipated. Due to the flood of orders they have now canceled this promotion. Although this does seem extremely odd and maybe a bit unfair we here at Professional Video don’t have any control over that element of it. You’ll find that all major reputable dealers have returned to $995 as the standard pricing. We have a very limited supply of pocket cameras on hand here in Portland. We’re selling them for $842 plus we’re throwing in an extra battery. We’re hearing from Blackmagic that it may be 6-8 weeks before we see any more of these cameras in the U.S. so get them while you can.

BMD Pocket

Hot Sale: Sony FS100 Now Under $2,500

We’re always trying to offer the greatest bang for the buck possible. This deal fits right in that category. You can now pick up the Sony FS100 Super35mm cinema camera for only $2,499. Thats an extremely good value. The FS100 offers a very high quality 1080p CMOS sensor designed specifically for video production, not a still photo sensor forced to do video. In fact, this was the same sensor used in Sony’s F3. The nature of the sensor has nearly eliminated rolling shutter, moire, and aliasing effects. The camera can record internal 1080/60p slow motion and it can output 4:2:2 via the HDMI to an affordable external recorder like an Atomos Ninja, thus offering up-to 220mbps ProRes recording. PLUS you still get a free Metabones EF adapter with the purchase so all of your Canon lenses will be fully functional. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Sony FS100


Free Training with Any Camera Purchase

We serve a huge range of customers. Some people we help know exactly what they want in a camera, they’ve used lots of different kinds, they just need to buy it and get shooting. Others have shot a certain way their whole careers, perhaps ENG style, and are now looking to mix it up with a digital cinema camera. They have a lot of experience but aren’t used to applying it to this different kind of technology. Some people we help are just starting into digital film making.

Regardless of where you are coming from or what your past experience is like Professional Video is always happy to offer free training with every single camera purchase. We’re always excited to help go through the initial set-up of the camera including pairing it with any accessories that you purchased with it like an external recorder, rod support system, or audio receivers. From there we can go over features like the external control of the camera, we can help dive through the menus and explain some of those mysteries deep down settings, and we can talk about when and where to use the cameras features to maximize it’s performance.

We exist to be a resource to you. We want you to be as successful and satisfied with your gear as possible. That way your overall experience buying new gear from us can be positive. If we can contribute in a small way, to enrich the new gear experience, we’ve served our purpose. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Professional Video