Now Officially Taking AJA CION Pre-Orders

We are now officially taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated AJA CION camera. The camera is set to start shipping this fall. At $8,995 its an incredible value. It features a Super35mm 4K sensor and records internally to ProRes up to 444. The well-built CION is ready to be used on your shoulder strait from the box, no need to add extra rods or pads. Right now we’re rewarding people who pre-order the CION by including a $250 credit for additional accessories. You can put that towards media, batteries, lenses, or anything else that you might need. We’re very excited to meet the first camera from AJA. Post by Eric C. Petrie


We’ve Brought Back Canon Cine Prime Kit Savings

Now is the most affordable time to pick up a set of Canon cinema prime lenses. Canon’s lens line up includes the 14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.3, 85mm T1.3 and 135mm T2.2. Canon’s cine primes were recently selected by HBO to be their standard go-to lenses for most of their major productions this year. They were selected because of their pleasing color neutrality, the high degree of detail they pick up, and their excellent build quality.

Right now get an instant $300 discount on every single Canon cine prime lens you buy. Plus we are offering additional kit discounts. Get a total discount of $1800 on a 3 lens kit, $2800 on a 4 lens kit, $4000 on a five lens kit, and $4800 on a 6 lens kit.

Combine this with our financing options and you could lease the 6 lens kit for around  $729 a month. Or get your collection going with a 3 lens kit for $382 a month.

Buy cinema glass NOW and save money NOW. Post by Eric C. Petrie