Alister Chapman Shows us S-Log2 on the A7s

Alister Chapman has written a very useful guide to shooting in S-Log2, specifically on the A7s. The A7s has it’s own unique ways of utilizing S-Log color space and there are some tricks that are specific to that camera. Read a sample below and the full article here.

The post production adjustment of S-Log2 is very important and one of the keys to getting the very best finished images. The S-Log2 recording acts as a digital negative and by “processing” this digital negative in post production (normally referred to as “grading”) we manipulate the large 14 stop dynamic range of the captured image to fit within the limited display range of a Rec-709 TV in a pleasing manner. This may mean pulling up the mid range a bit, pulling down the highlights and bit and generally shifting the brightness and colour levels of different parts of the image around  (see PART 2 for more post production information).

Originally Slog-2 was designed for use on high end digital cinema cameras such as Sony’s F65 camera. These cameras have the ability to record using 10 bit data. A 10 bit recording can have up to around 1000 shades of grey from black to white. The A7s however uses 8 bit recording which only has a maximum of 235 shades from black to white. Normally 8 bit recording is perfectly OK as most transmission and display standards are also 8 bit. Shoot with an 8 bit camera and then display that image directly via an 8 bit system and nothing is lost. However when you start to grade and manipulate the image the difference between 8 bit and 10 bit becomes more significant. Reposted by Eric C. Petrie

S-Log2 Exposure

All C300 Cameras are $2,000 Off, All C100 Cameras are $500 Off

Right now through the end of of 2014 all Canon Cinema EOS C300 cameras are discounted $2,000 from their regular prices. Additionally all Canon Cinema EOS C100 cameras are $500 off of their regular prices. There are many more Cinema EOS discounts available on prime lenses, lens kits, zoom lenses, and the ultimate 4K C500 package. NEVER pay full price for Canon Cinema EOS. Let me guide you to the maximum savings. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Canon Cinema EOS

The Ultimate C500 Kit: The Best Discount

This is truly the craziest deal I’ve ever offered on a Cinema EOS product. Right now when you buy a C500, 4K recorder, and zoom lens I’ll give you $10,000 off the package price. It’s that easy. Here’s how it works

Canon EOS C500 Camera $19,999

Canon 30-105mm Lens T2.8 $23,275

Odyssey 7Q Recorder $1,795

Total = $45,069

LESS $10,000 Instant Discount

Grand Total = $35,069 OR $1,008 a month over 36 months

So, for about $1,000 a month you’ll have the ultimate 4K C500 set up with a super versatile cinema zoom lens, a killer 7” OLED monitor, and a top rated field recorder. Call me to arrange your C500 demonstration. Contact me for more details at 503-598-9142 or Post by Eric C. Petrie


Canon C500 right

Canon 30-105mm Cine Zoom

More Details on Cinema EOS Lens Savings

I’m running some amazing promotions right now for Canon Cinema EOS lenses. Some of these promotions can get a little confusing so I’ll try to break it down for you.

$300 discount on all Cine Prime lenses

35mm T1.5 $4,650 OR $133 a month

85mm T1.3 $4,650 OR $133 a month

135mm T2.2 $4,650 OR $133 a month

50mm T1.3 $4,650 OR $133 a month

14mm T3.1 $4,920 OR $141 a month

24mm T1.5 $4,920 OR $141 a month

Additional package discount on multi-lens kits

3-lens, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm kit, $1,800 total discount, $13,320 OR $381 a month

4-lens, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 14mm kit, $2,800 total discount, $17,540 OR $502 a month

5-lens, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 14mm, 135mm kit, $4,000 total discount, $21,290 OR $610 a month

6-lens, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 14mm, 135mm, 35mm kit, $4,800 total discount, $25,440 OR $729 a month

BUILD YOUR OWN PRIME KIT. These kits aren’t locked in stone. If you have your own mix and match combo set you’re interested in let us know. We’ll break down your discount.

$1,000 discount on light weight Cine Zoom lenses

30-105mm T2.8 $22,275 OR $638 a month

15.5-47mm T2.8 $22,275 OR $638 a month

$2,000 discount on large Cine Zoom lenses

14.5-60mm T2.6 $40,750 OR $1,167 a month

30-300mm T2.95-3.7 $42,650 OR $1,222 a moth

Post by Eric C. Petrie


Blackmagic Design URSA Update: Shoulder Kit

We’ve already had a small handful of URSA cameras come through our doors. I still haven’t really had a chance to get “hands on” with one yet. But i do know it is heavy. I’m willing to bet it’s heavier then the published 17 pounds. I also know that it can’t be used right out of the box in any other way then mounting it on a tripod.

Enter the Blackmagic Design URSA Shoulder Kit. Or, as i like to call it, stuff that should be on any camera right out of the box. I don’t know if BMD always intended on creating this kit or if they rushed it out based on user feedback, but it does strike me as odd that this kit was not in the URSA literature until a few weeks ago, just before the camera started to ship.

The Shoulder Kit for the URSA provides the bottom of the camera with a shoulder pad, a V wedge plate for a long ENG-style tripod plate, and a rosette on ether side of the camera to mount front handles on the camera. Now it seems to be that tripod quick release, front handles, and padding on the shoulder are all features that most users will want. The shoulder kit is selling for $345. So add that to the $5,995 for your URSA purchase. Your going to want it.

URSA Shoulder Kit

Alister Chapman “No Difference Between Image of FS7 and F5″

UPDATE: November 17th. We will be including a FREE Metabones Canon EF lens adapter with the purchase of the Sony FS7 cinema camera. Thats a $300 value, absolutely FREE. guru Alister Chapman has published his first impressions of the Sony FS7. Alister shoots regularly on an F5 so he has a very good idea for how to compare the two cameras. Here are some of his thoughts. We are taking pre-orders for the FS7 now. They will start shipping around the start of November. Call us for more details, 503-598-9142.

“But what about the image quality? Frankly it’s amazing! For the money the images this camera produces are remarkable. It is using the F5’s sensor and it does have 14 stops of dynamic range. S-log3 is a great gamma curve and the camera is very low noise, even at it’s native 2000 ISO. It was hard to tell as most of the shooting took place at night, but initially it doesn’t look like there is any difference between the quality of the footage from the FS7 and the PMW-F5. Great colours, low noise, high dynamic range with very pleasing roll off what more can you want? One area where there will be a difference is with raw. The PMW-F5 takes the Sony R5 directly docked on it’s back. The raw form the F5 is 16 bit while the raw from the FS7 is going to be recorded on an external recorder at only 12 bits. 12 bit linear raw is really pushing the limits of what is needed for linear raw. However we do already know that the 12 bit raw from Sony’s FS700 works well, so this should be no different.”

Read the rest of the article here.

CineAlta Trade In: Upgrade Your FS700

UPDATE: November 17th. We will be including a FREE Metabones Canon EF lens adapter with the purchase of the Sony FS7 cinema camera. Thats a $300 value, absolutely FREE.

Do you currently have a Sony FS700 camera? Are you interested in a Sony CineAlta camera valued at $7,999 or higher? We’re offering you a trade in opportunity. If you purchased your FS700 from us and want to upgrade to a CineAlta camera valued at $7,999 or higher we’ll give you $3,570 for your used FS700. Didn’t buy your FS700 from us? No problem, we want to build a relationship with you. We’ll offer you $2,900 for your FS700. Of course non of this is set in stone. If you have some interesting accessories you want to package with the FS700 we’d love to take a look and see what we can do with them.

Of course this is subject to our inspection of the FS700 camera and confirming that it is in working condition and in a resellable state. Compared to the FS700 other CineAlta camera valued at $7,999 or higher offer a more ergonomic form factor, a high resolution side-mounted viewfinder, internal 4K recording in XAVC 10-bit 4:2:2 I-frame codec, internal 180 frames per second 1080p recording, and more. It also has options to support 12-bit RAW, 240fps 2K RAW, ProRes, and more.


FS700 w/ servo zoom

New Canon EOS C300 Options

Canon has continued to expand the different options for buying the EOS C300 digital cinema camera. Professional Video, Zacuto, and Canon have recently partnered together to create the C300 Recoil Package. The kit includes the full Z-Finder package the grip relocator, the C300/500 helmet, and more. In all the package adds up to over $2,500 worth of Zacuto accessories that transform the C300 into an ideal shoulder-mount run-and-gun camera, perfect for documentaries, ENG, or reality TV style productions. This kit includes the C300 body with the Dual-Pixel upgrade. The camera buy itself is valued at $14,499, the accessories valued at about $2500. This whole package is yours right now for $13,499 or $387 a month over 36 months.

Contact us for more details. 503-598-9142 or

Here are all your options for buying the Canon EOS C300.

C300 Packages

C300 (non-dual pixel) body only, normally $13,999, NOW $11,999

C300-DAF body only, normally $14,499, NOW $12,499

C300-DAF body Zacuto Recoil kit, normally $15,499, NOW $13,499

C300-DAF 24-70 f/2.8 L-series lens kit, normally $15,799, NOW $13,799

Financing Options

C300 (non-dual pixel) body only $344 a month

C300-DAF body only $358 a month

C300-DAF body Zacuto Recoil kit $387 a month

C300-DAF 24-70 f/2.8 L-series lens kit $395 a month

C300 Recoil back C300 Recoil side

Updates to Canon Cinema EOS Financing

All prices are current as of October 1st, 2014. All payments are indicated as per-month totals based on 36 month financing. Prices subject to change.


EOS C100-DAF body only $143/month

EOS C100-DAF w/ 24-105 f/4 lens $158/month

EOS C100-DAF w/ 24-105 f/4 lens & Atomos Ninja ProRes recorder, & 240GB SSD $166/month

EOS C100-DAF 3-Lens kit $272/month

EOS C300 body only $344/month

EOS C300-DAF body only $358/month

EOS C300-DAF w/ Zacuto Full Recoil System $387/month

EOS C300-DAF w/ 24-70 f/2.8 lens $395/month

EOS C500 body only $573/month

EOS C500, 30-105 cine-zoom, Odyssey 7Q kit $1,008/month

EOS 1DC $286/month

Cine Prime Lenses

135mm $133/month

35mm $133/month

50mm $133/month

85mm $133/month

14mm $141/month

24mm $141/month

24mm+50mm+85mm 3 Lens Kit $381/month

14mm+24mm+50mm+85mm 4 Lens Kit $502/month

14mm+24mm+50mm+85mm+135mm 5 Lens Kit $610/month

14mm+24mm+35mm+50mm+85mm+135mm 6 Lens Kit $729/month

Cine Zoom Lenses

15.5-47mm $638/month

30-105mm $638/month

14.5-60mm $1,167/month

30-300mm $1,222/month

You can download the Canon credit application here.

Credit Application

Please email it to when it is complete. If you have any questions call 503-598-9142.

Canon Cinema EOS

We Go Brief Hands-On with Sony FS7 Cinema Camera

UPDATE: November 17th. We will be including a FREE Metabones Canon EF lens adapter with the purchase of the Sony FS7 cinema camera. Thats a $300 value, absolutely FREE.

It was an exciting day at Professional Video world headquarters. Our Sony technical rep made a bit of a surprise stop by our office to show us what he had in his special box. Drum roll….. the brand new Sony FS7! He managed to get his hands on one of only three pre-production models in the United States. These were the same units that were on the IBC floor just a few weeks ago. He also had the new 28-135mm f/4 cine-servo zoom lens with it. Alas, he didn’t have the expansion module for the FS7. We’ll have to wait till December to see that.

Getting a chance to handle the camera for about an hour was great. Here are some of my quick, off the cuff, impressions. Its small and big. It’s small for a shoulder mount camera. When its stripped down to just the body it’s about 4 pounds. Physically it’s bigger then a Canon C300, perhaps 20% bigger. So if your goal is to get the smallest, lightest, cinema camera on the market this isn’t quite it. On the other hand if your looking for a good balance of- big enough to put on your shoulder but still very light- this will be perfect. The side mounted viewfinder was extremely nice to have after years of screaming at manufacturers to stop putting viewfinders in the rear of cameras that can’t really be hand-held any way Sony’s finally addressed this properly. Speaking of the viewfinder the LCD screen is nice. Sony’s finally upgraded the quality of the LCD their putting on this level of camera. The image was very smooth and clear. The contrast was good and the text was high resolution. The handgrip felt nice, it wasn’t perfect but the rep mentioned that was going to be refined in the final production model. Another aspect that i’m hoping gets refined is the viewfinder mount. It was very limited in what you could do with it in terms of positions. Thankfully it is completely removable which means that some 3rd party companies are probably already drawing up viewfinder mount replacements with added flexibility.

The servo lens didn’t disappoint. Sony’s first attempt at a hybrid photo-servo lens wasn’t that great. The 18-200mm f/6.3 wasn’t that great optically but the servo motor was very weak. Slow, noisy, and lacked much variation in speed, i wouldn’t recommend it. And that old lens sells for about $1200. This new lens is about $2500 and it’s worlds better. Although the servo zoom speeds still aren’t as varied or as powerful as a real ENG lens they’re much improved. the physical build felt nice. The “manual” zoom was still electronic servo but it was responsive. Overall i would say this is finally a kit lens that i would comfortably endorse as a good starter lens. The only noticeable drag is that its limited to f/4.

Check out all of our photos from out time with the camera on our Flickr page.

FS7 in office 1 FS7 in office 2