Canon Financial Services Cinema EOS Form

The form takes less then 5 minutes to fill out. It takes us about 24 hours to process your application once it’s emailed to us.

Step 1: Download the .pdf

December ’14 Canon Credit Application

Step 2: fill out the following sections as completely as possible:

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Step 3: Email the completed form to

If you have any questions at all please call us at 503-598-9142.

December ’14 Canon Credit Application

Pro Video on Instagram

In my attempt to propel us forward to 2011 level use of the internet (from our current 2006 level) I’ve started the official Pro Video Instagram account. My user name is provideopdx, . Find me, follow me. I’ll try to keep some useful relevant photos up there. Mostly pics from events, shoots, and new gear that we get in to play with. If you want to see anything specific up there let me know. Post by Eric C. Petrie

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Zacuto’s Next Gen Recoil Fully Explained

Zacuto has been working hard with a new line of products this year, a line we’ve seen snippets of throughout expo shows as earlier as NAB in April. All starting with their single universal baseplate, the next generation of recoil rigs caters for every camera from a Sony A7S to an Arri Amira. Professional Video is your Northwest leader for camera rigging systems. I personally been building 15mm based rail systems for cameras for nearly a decade. Need help setting up your new camera rig? Thats what I’m here for. Any time you need some assistance assembling your new rig let me know. I’ve done it so many times i can usually figure out a new rig very quickly. Free help setting up your rig, same prices as New York, how can you go wrong? Post by Eric C. Petrie


See the Entire Panasonic VariCam35 Introduction Presentation

I am the only Panasonic VariCam35 dealer in the Northwestern United States. I’m very excited that Panasonic is back attacking high end production needs. And they’re not just playing “me too”. They’ve brought a product that justifies the price tag.

Panasonic’s full presentations from the recent Digital Cinema Society’s “Meet the VariCam 35” event are now available on DCS’s web site.

Speakers at the event, held last month at Panavision World Headquarters in Los Angeles, included cinematographer and Digital Cinema Society president James Mathers, Doug Leighton of Panasonic, Michael Cioni of Light Iron, Sarah Priestnall of Codex Digital, and special guest Theo Van de Sande, ASC, who recently shot a pilot for Amazon with the VariCam 35 and gave his initial impressions of the camera.

The VariCam 35’s image handling in multiple formats ranging from pristine 4K RAW to more practical 4K, UHD, 2K, HD and ProRes capture formats make it a useful tool for high-end filmmaking, commercials and episodic production as well as live 4K events. The camera/recorder is equipped with a Super 35mm MOS image sensor and offers a choice of codecs — Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA family and Apple ProRes 4:4:4:4 and ProRes HQ. It offers 14 stops of dynamic range and native ISOs of 800 and 5000, and other non-native ISOS that can be set in-camera.

The full presentation has been broken up into sections. View the all the sections here.


Why Sony is Set to Take Over the Cinema World

Here’s an interesting editorial by Noam Kroll.

Since their release of the initial 5D MK II and continuing on until just a couple of years ago, Canon had the strongest foothold in the low-budget market. In 2011/2012, just about everyone I knew owned a 5D, and many of those shooters eventually moved on to Canon’s cinema lineup (namely the C100 and C300). Once Canon’s development and innovation started to plateau though, lots of shooters started looking for other solutions. Many went to smaller companies like Blackmagic/RED, others turned to Panasonic (in particular the GH4), and some have simply been hanging on to their Canon gear, waiting for something else to come along. For those that are in the latter category – it’s looking like Sony may be offering the exact tools that they have been waiting for.

My rationale behind that is pretty simple – Sony is covering every last corner of the camera market, and doing an exceptional job at it. They now have one of the best DSLRs (or DSLMs) out there – the A7s, the incredibly powerful and affordable FS7, numerous broadcast cameras, and their cinema lineup (F5/F55), just to name a few key highlights. The fact that they are not only covering the needs of such a wide spectrum of filmmakers, but also pushing ahead technology (by offering unmatched lowlight performance, high frame rates and more) is simply staggering.

Read the rest here. Post by Eric C. Petrie

FS7 w/ Servo Zoom

Zacuto Reveals Recoil Rigs for Sony FS7 CineAlta Camera

With this First Look video of the Sony FS7, Zacuto shows us how this camera can be used with the new Recoil system. Using just a few elements, you can turn your Sony FS7 into a Recoil rig that offers true balance and camera control for the cinema verite style set up. The camera is wonderful but it’s important to understand that when a shoulder pad is in the back you are holding the camera up, not operating a balanced camera. Moving the camera back causes some issues because you need to move the grip and EVF forward. Watch and see how we can solve these issues in various ways. Post by Eric C. Petrie


First Look at the Sony Fs7 from Zacuto from Zacuto on Vimeo.

Now Taking Pre-Order on Zacuto Gratical- Discount

At NAB 2014 Zacuto first showed they’re new electronic viewfinder called the Gratical. The grammatical, simply put, is a high-end production caliber monitor in an EVF format. it has every feature you could possibly expect from a high end field monitor, scopes, LUTS, camera date, focus assist, exposure assist, the list literally goes on and on. Oh, and its a native 1280×1024 OLED so the image quality is insane.

The Gratical HD is scheduled to start shipping in January for $3,800. Right now I’m offering a pre-order discount of $200, getting the unit price down to $3,600. Thats still a lot for a viewfinder but with the range of options this finder has it will be able to attach to any camera on the market today and most likely any camera thats going to be coming on the market for years to come. Post by Eric C. Petrie

Canon EOS C100 Mark II Arriving Soon

Canon recently announced the EOS C100mkII. This updated version of the most popular cinema camera in the world is getting ready to start shipping off of my shelves in less then 3 weeks. Visit our on-line store to pre-order your C100mkII now. While the C100mkII does offer some great new features compared to the original there are still some important considerations when debating between the two cameras. There’s considerable money savings to be had with the original C100 packages. I’ve priced my C100 kits very aggressively, thanks to some fantastic bundle discounts from Canon. These bundles aren’t available with the new model. Take a look at the some of the savings:

The C100 with the 24-105 f/4 L lens has a full value of $6648. Kit discount is $1149, end price is $5499.

C100 triple lens kit with three L-series lenses has a full value of $11,596. Kit discount is $2100, end price is $9499

The C100 Atoms Ninja kit has a full value of $7587. Kit discount is $1788, end price is $5799.

Compare these kits and the savings to the C100mkII and it’s body only price of $5499. These kits, especially the Atoms Ninja bundle, offer huge savings and a tremendous value. It’s always nice to have the newest toy on the shelf. Some of the C100mkII features might make a big difference to some products. 60p can be a critical feature, a larger viewfinder is a nice tool to have. But i strongly suggest weighing all the C100 options before assuming that the newest model is the right fit for you. Post by Eric C. Petrie

EOS C100mkII

Sony XQD Cards In-Stock Can Mean Only One Thing….

Look what i got in-stock today. The newest generation of Sony’s XQD media cards are in stock on my shelf. Of course these media cards are required for the new Sony FS7 digital cinema camera. Now that i have the cards i just need a camera to put them in. The cameras should be in-stock soon. I’m still filling back orders… slowly. By the way, currently the price on the XQD cards are: $799 for a 128GB, $359 for a 64GB, and $165 for a 32GB. With the FS7 in 4K at 30p each minute of footage equals 3GB of data. So a 128GB card will give you about 45 minutes of footage. To pre-order your FS7 please email me at or call me at 503-598-9142 . Post by Eric C. Petrie

XQD in stock